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Celebration, Seattle Style

Seattle is in the midst of celebrating its first ever Super bowl Victory – it is magical.

The journey Seattle has been on to get to this point has been absolutely incredible. The Seahawks never doubted themselves, no matter what anyone else said – they knew they were special, they knew they had what it takes to be world champions!

Our starting quarterback was said to be too small, our coach- too old. The defense?  A collection of inexperienced late round picks; a band of misfits. And the offensive?  Just too young and inexperienced.  Whatever!!  Sometimes you just have to tune out the noise, dig deep and focus on what you know to be true and go get it!

Thank Goodness they did exactly that!

The community and joyfulness this season has created is AMAZING!  There are literally thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of 12th man flags flying from cranes, off rooftops, sides of buildings and even in the buildings! Flagpoles, cars, fire trucks, dump trucks, delivery vans and taxis all throughout the city and surrounding suburbs can’t escape either. Heck, it’s even gone to the dogs! Puppies are sporting 12’s and Hawks logos on their jackets, sweaters and bandanas. I’ll admit it; one of my cats has a new Seahawk themed collar too. It is truly mind boggling – it’s impossible to look any direction and not see multiple flags proudly waving in the air – and it is extraordinary.

The smiles and sense of good will coming from total strangers on the bus, in the streets, restaurants and in coffee houses is remarkable.  At the Flower & Garden show, 70% of the displays incorporated the Seahawks colors and the 12th man into their artwork. Good Luck messages were being displayed from office windows, sides of busses, small business reader boards and even church message boards! I saw one that said, “Jesus had 12 men too.” That one made me laugh out loud.

The 12th man fans… we never faltered, we have supported the Hawks every step of the way, we were loud and when asked –we got LOUDER!  We set decimal, seismic and crowd records all season long! The emotion and devotion we have consistently given is like nothing that exists anywhere else but here in Seattle.

The entire city has come together around this team. More than 700,000 fans came out, in spite of below freezing temperatures during a work and school day, for the victory celebration. To be part of history, to say thank you for bringing our community together, for giving us all something we could collectively believe in together, for making us all World Champions. Thank you Seahawks and thank you Seattle.

Go Hawks!

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Anne Maria is the Administrative Operations Manager for Northeastern University- Seattle

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