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S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  Eric Lopez is Northeastern University – Seattle’s Campus Concierge. Eric is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Student Development Administration at Seattle University. Additionally, Eric serves as Seattle University’s Graduate Assistant in the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Eric hails from the small, agricultural town of Kerman, California, and received a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Black Studies ... Read More »

Why Professional Master’s Degrees are the Next Round of Innovation


With so many people still in debt from their bachelor’s degree, what case is there to make for taking on additional debt for a master’s degree? Sean Gallagher, Northeastern’s Chief Strategy Officer and recent doctoral graduate from the College of Professional Studies Doctor of Education Program, says the need for professional master’s degrees is clear-cut. These are the degrees that are ... Read More »

Building Connections, Maintaining Networks


One of the reasons Northeastern asked me to serve as the founding Dean and CEO of its Seattle Graduate Campus was because I am fairly well “connected” or “networked” in the Seattle community.  In my earlier roles as the Chair of many civic organizations (Seattle Chamber, Seattle/King County Economic Development Council, Director of Washington Aerospace Partnership) and one of the leaders ... Read More »

The Amazon.com Experience

France Amazon

As a third year student at Northeastern, I’m more prepared for the corporate world than most college students my age. I don’t value this advantage by a paycheck or résumé, but by the way co-op has taught me how to market myself, make connections and deal with the inevitable rejection any job hunt entails. Northeastern’s Cooperative Education program (co-op) is ... Read More »