New Students

Welcome to Northeastern University-Seattle!

The Greater Seattle Metro Area is home to nearly 4 million people, with over 600,000 living in the city of Seattle. Home to Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Costco, Zillow, and more, the region is a leading center for advanced technology in aerospace, computer software, bioinformatics, genomics, medical devices, and environmental engineering.

The region, known as The Emerald City, offers the Olympic and Cascades mountain ranges; lakes, rivers, and waterways to the Pacific Ocean; and the year-round greenery of pines and other coniferous forestry, inviting year-round outdoor activities.

We hope you find this initial information helpful as you prepare to begin your graduate studies.  If you have any further questions or concerns after reading this information, please contact the Director of Student Affairs at the Seattle campus, Gina Copping.

New Student Information

The following is important information for you to know before you begin your graduate program at Northeastern University this January term. All classes begin on January 8, 2018.  Please read this information carefully and take any appropriate action (if needed).  Otherwise, we hope that your plans to attend are coming along smoothly, and we look forward to meeting you at your Seattle Campus New Student Orientation.

Set Up Your myNEU Account

Get familiar with your myNEU account. Most functions and services related to your academic experience at Northeastern (i.e. course registration, your course schedule, student accounts, etc.) you will find under the Self-Service tab.   Also use your myNEU account to access your student “Husky email” account (hosted by gmail). You are encouraged to start checking your Husky email regularly.

Managing Your Email to Receive Important Communications

It is important that you get into the habit of logging into your myNEU account to check your new Husky email account. After logging in, look for the Gmail icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  You may find that there are already important emails waiting in your account.  With that said, given that most people have at least two if not several email accounts (i.e. yahoo, hotmail, etc.), you may wish to forward your student email  account to your personal email or vice versa.  Note that your Husky email account can be configured to automatically forward incoming mail to another address if desired.  To learn the steps to do this, login to your Husky Gmail account, and look for a gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the page, click “Settings” and find the tab “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.   Click here to access your myNEU account.

Health Insurance

Northeastern University’s student health plan (NUSHP), administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, provides comprehensive health benefits at a very affordable rate.  To learn more about NUSHP, and if you qualify, please visit the NUSHP website.
For students who will relocate: before leaving your current city, consider visiting your doctor for your annual check-up and to refill prescriptions, and visit your dentist for a cleaning!

Immunization Records

The State of Washington does not require graduate students to provide their immunization report.

Husky Student ID card

All students will be required to carry their student ID card (Husky ID) while on campus.  This card is also used for student printing services. You will have the opportunity to make your Husky ID during orientation, alternatively, contact Gulbin Yasar at

January 2018 New Student Orientation: 

New Student orientation activities will be held the Wednesday, January 3 – Friday, January 5.

Additional information and orientation schedules will be available shortly.  Please also continue to check your email for more detailed information about your specific requirements.

Information for Students Who Cannot Attend Orientation

All newly admitted students to the Seattle Campus should make every effort to attend orientation events.  If you cannot attend for some reason or conflict, please contact the Director of Student Affairs Gina Copping at  If you are an international student, visit the international student office website (OGS) or contact Laura Iwane at for instructions regarding the immigration clearance process.


Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Resources

What are the student job opportunities?

There are a variety of part-time student job opportunities at the Seattle Campus.  Administrative jobs are available through the Seattle Campus and possibly through your academic department. There are also some Teaching Assistant (TA) jobs opportunities for students; TA positions are available for students to TA a master’s courses they have previously completed.

What are the student organizations at the Seattle Campus?

The main student organization at Northeastern University – Seattle is the Student Events and Activities Council (SEAC).   SEAC, along with their Student Advisory Members and Volunteers, host regular events on-campus and off-campus for the Seattle Campus student body.   In the past, SEAC has hosted movie nights, taken students to the Seattle Mariner’s baseball game, volunteered at a local neighborhood clean-up, hosted pot-luck dinners, etc.  All students will receive email invitation to all SEAC events.  To join the volunteer committee, email

What is the cost of tuition?

The cost of tuition is identical for all Northeastern students, either studying any of our campuses in Seattle, Charlotte, Boston, Silicon Valley, or Toronto.  Because Northeastern is a private university, there is no in-state or out-of-state tuition variance, nor is there a tuition difference for international students.  However, international students do pay a one-time fee of $350 to the University for the Office of Global Services (OGS) for visa processing and support.  For 2017-2018 tuition rates, please visit the Student Financial Services Tuition page.  With any questions, please contact our Financial Services Representative in Seattle, David Van der Linden at

What are the housing options in Seattle?

The Seattle Campus does not have dedicated housing available for students.  We have identified some options that our students have been successful with in the past.  For information about local housing options in Seattle, please visit our Housing Webpage.

For additional questions about relocating to Seattle, Please visit our webpage “Relocating to Seattle“.

Campus Resources

Northeastern’s Seattle campus has a multitude of resources you can use as an enrolled student. To find a comprehensive list, please visit NU Seattle’s Current Student page. Additionally, for those of you who will be new to the Seattle, WA area, please check out our Relocating to Seattle page.

Connect with us on Facebook + Twitter

Northeastern University – Seattle has a Facebook Group for all current and incoming students.  To connect with current student and see what’s happening at the Seattle Campus, join our student group! “Join” us on our Facebook Group

Follow up and add your own photos via hash-tags on the Seattle Campus Twitter Account!

Things To Do When You Arrive

Tour Seattle

Visit Seattle’s official website for tourists and residents alike for fun ideas and ways to learn more about Seattle:

Settle into Seattle

Visit the Seattle Campus’s “Relocating to Seattle” webpage for tips and resources to consider while you settle into the Seattle-area.

Please note: The Seattle Campus will be closed Saturday December 23, 2017 – Monday, January 1, 2018.  It will reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Northeastern University - Seattle Address

401 Terry Avenue North
Suite 103
Seattle, Wa 98109
We’re located in the ‘South Lake Union’ neighborhood on the corner of Terry Avenue North and Republican Street. 
Information to visit the Seattle Campus can be found here.