Homeland Security
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Homeland Security Overview

Program Name Master of Arts in Homeland Security
College Name College of Professional Studies
Entry Terms Winter: January 11, 2016
Spring: April 11, 2016
Credits Required for Graduation 45 Quarter Hours
Tuition 2015-2016 Tuition
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The Master of Arts degree in Homeland Security is intended to prepare the next generation of emergency managers and homeland security professionals for leadership roles in the public and private sectors. The degree offers a comprehensive program of studies covering core elements of homeland security and emergency management at the graduate level, including management skills, intelligence gathering and analysis, risk management, emergency planning and management, legal issues, technological issues and social psychology.

Students in the program will have the opportunity to master essential skills and gain big-picture and on-the-ground knowledge, such as:

  • Understanding the nature and sources of threats to social, political, and economic systems
  • Planning for adverse events
  • Collaborating with public and private groups charged with response functions
  • Directing and triaging resources during a disruptive event, in stressful situations with incomplete information, where legal, political, and economic factors affect options
  • Communicating clearly and efficiently with the public as well as subordinates, superiors and the media, all of whom are involved in the response to major events

Learn more about this program and industry by watching our webinar entitled: “Exploring the Intersections of Geospatial Intelligence and Homeland Security”