A University Engaged with the World

Northeastern University is grounded in an innovative idea—that education is about engaging with the world to solve problems and lead change. The university brings that idea to life through partnerships: educational partnerships with more than 2,700 employers around the world, and research partnerships with business, government, and academia on every continent. Partnerships have helped keep Northeastern innovative and attuned to what students and businesses need to succeed in the global economy.

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to the website for Northeastern’s Seattle Graduate Campus. I serve as the Dean and CEO of the Seattle campus and am committed to providing flexible and high-quality graduate degree courses at our South Lake Union campus to those seeking to improve their skills to secure certain jobs or increase their responsibility in the company they are in now. The South Lake Union setting is at the center of both the region and South Lake Union, the bustling research and technology cluster, which is also full of great restaurants!

To assist your understanding of how Northeastern works, here is what I believe makes it a terrific addition to our region and a great resource for students seeking graduate degrees and companies who are developing innovative products.

  • The graduate programs offered by Northeastern at its Seattle Campus were selected because these are the key areas our companies need more skilled workers in.
  • Recognizing how busy most people are, Northeastern’s degree programs are offered in a highly flexible format, which features hybrid-learning. This allows you to take the coursework in a time that fits in with your schedule and other commitments. The hybrid format includes roughly 20 to 30 percent of most courses, which are live sessions conducted at our South Lake Union campus in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Northeastern is a large private nonprofit research university, founded more than 100 years ago. Great effort has been put into each degree program offering and the hybrid form of delivery. This means a high quality academic degree from a top-notch research university—which can only help you in your career. 
  • In addition to its academic graduate programs, Northeastern is developing research collaborations with companies and institutions in Seattle, in areas such as global health, infectious diseases, K-12 science education and health care. Having top researchers from Northeastern working on innovation issues here in Seattle helps ensure that our academic programs are geared to the needs and goals of our leading employers.

Please contact me and our Seattle team if you have any questions as to how our academic programs and research collaborations can help.

Tayloe Washburn