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Ian Gorton named Director of Computer Science, Northeastern, Seattle

Meeting the Puget Sound’s demand for high quality Computer Science Employees – Northeastern names Dr. Ian Gorton as the Director of Computer Science at their Seattle Graduate Campus

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Narrowing the Gap: Reducing Income Inequality in the Puget Sound Region

While the Puget Sound region is thriving, the prosperity generated by our vibrant economy is not shared by all. Our historically robust middle class is steadily shrinking, as income is increasingly concentrated among the wealthy.

Expert panelists and regional leaders from local government, business and labor sectors will identify specific ways we can blend our social equity and economic growth goals for our region, including steps by local government and voluntary actions businesses in our community can take to materially benefit their employees and the workers of the businesses they sub-contract with. 

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Northeastern Hosts Computer Science Workforce Summit

Over 60 representatives from regional technology companies, K-12 and higher Eeucation institutions and government leaders gathered at Northeastern’s Seattlegraduate campus last week to brainstorm actions that be taken collectively to better meet the region and state need for workers skilled in computer science.  


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10 Ways to Identify a Military Friendly University

(Originally posted by Andrew McCarty on the Northeastern University Aspire Blog)

As the veteran services specialist at Northeastern University, I’m honored to serve our veterans and servicemembers on campus by helping them navigate the services we offer. I know first-hand the challenges of separating from the military, looking for employment, finding a place to live, and starting school after years away from the classroom. I’m proud to say that when I was finally ready to start again, I attended Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies to earn my bachelor’s degree. 

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Northeastern University Receives Top Marks for Career Development Services

It’s no secret that Northeastern University puts significant emphasis on career development for our students. Being prepared for and savvy about professional life after graduation is a core key to success for students across all industries. Through our renowned Co-Op program, Northeastern’s relationship with over 3,000 companies world-wide means a sure connection for students when they need it most.

We’re thrilled to be acknowledged for this work by College Magazine, which recently ranked Northeastern University #1 on their list of top U.S. colleges with career services. Click below to read their full list. Interested in learning more about our career development services? Check out our website, or email for more information. 

>> The 10 Colleges with the Best Career Services 

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Closing the Skills Gap

The “Skills Gap,” the gap between the skills employers need and the skills potential employees possess, is a growing problem in Seattle and Washington state. A recent report issued by the Washington Roundtable found that in March 2013 there were 25,000 unfilled jobs in Washington as a result of the skills gap. That number could grow to 50,000 by 2017. A vast majority, 80 percent, are in high-skilled STEM and health care roles. As the skills gap continues to grow employers are going to have less motivation to keep jobs in Washington state and more potential employees will be stuck in underemployment, or worse, unemployment.

Tayloe Washburn, Dean and CEO of Northeastern University – Seattle, is dedicated to using his expertise to close the skills gap and bring individuals and organizations across the state together. In an article published in the Puget Sound Business Journal Washburn presented a plan to end the skills gap through increased collaboration between higher education, industry associations, employers and policy makers.

On June 18, 2014, Washburn brought together a panel of experts representing various facets of the issue to start a regional discussion that will lead to specific actions and collaboration. An overview of the panel participants, additional resources to further understand the skills gap and resources that can be leveraged to help close it are located on this webpage.


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Northeastern, other colleges no longer bound by region

By Marcella Bombardieri

The Boston Globe, March 22, 2014

SEATTLE — Across the street from Amazon headquarters, flanked by a prestigious biology institute on one side and a Filipino-Vietnamese food truck on the other, sitsa storefront in a booming biotech enclave of the city. The space is decked in red and white, with modernist lounge chairs and molecule-shaped sculptures suspended from the ceiling.

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Seattle Works-Northeastern University Partnership Launch


Northeastern University-Seattle and Seattle Works have partnered to offer scholarship opportunities to Seattle Works volunteer leaders and leadership training graduates in a variety of graduate programs at Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies. A kick off party to commemorate this partnership was held on March 6th where attendees learned about both organizations and what this partnership now offers.


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Northeastern University- Seattle Hosts Game Design Workshop

Northeastern University- Seattle hosted a game design workshop where Professor Jay Laird directed a packed room through game design exercises and the Masters in Digital Media offered by Northeastern. Each group was tasked with developing their own games complete with rules and modes of play. The night was fun and full of laughs as each group creatively worked through the assigned tasks all the while learning what it means to be a game designer.


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A plan to end the skills gap in the Puget Sound region

By Tayloe Washburn

Puget Sound Business Journal, February 24, 2014

The U.S. needs 144,000 new computer science workers each year but graduates only 15,500 students with computer science degrees, according to Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith. This skills gap is one of the biggest challenges facing our region. In Seattle, there are thousands of open positions at Microsoft, Amazon and smaller companies, while half of millennials are unemployed or underemployed, and older job seekers struggle to find work.

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