MacFarland Scholarship

$10,000 Scholarship for Seattle and Tacoma Metro Area Public School Educators

We are pleased to offer this unique scholarship opportunity for educators employed by the public school systems in the greater Seattle and Tacoma metro area who are committed to transforming education in urban areas.

The $10,000 scholarship represents approximately a half-tuition scholarship for the Master of Education degree program.

For complete curriculum and tuition information, please download the Master of Education Information Sheet.


  • Students must complete an application for admission and be admitted to the Master of Education program, Learning and Instruction, Special Education concentrations or eLearning and Instructional Design. Applicants must also provide us with the name, phone, and email of their direct supervisor to be considered. 
  • Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and write a 400-500 word essay addressing the following question: “The Graduate School of Education at Northeastern is committed to providing quality educational opportunities to those who otherwise might not have them. Please describe how your work supports our mission and how your contributions are making an impact in the field.” 
  • Scholarship funds will be equally disbursed to students each term during the course of their studies in the Master of Education program. 
  • Students must enroll in fall (September) or winter (January) to receive the scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients will receive funds from the Anna and Helen MacFarland Memorial Scholarship and be designated “MacFarland Scholars.” 
  • Applicants for the MacFarland Scholarship should complete and submit the scholarship essay with all other required application materials. Applicants should include the essay in the same document as the personal statement and submit both requirements together. 
  • Fall Term Application Deadline: August 30.
  • Winter Term Application Deadline: December 1