MacFarland Scholarship

$10,000 Scholarship for Seattle and Tacoma Metro Area Public School Educators

We are pleased to offer this unique scholarship opportunity for educators employed by the public school systems in the greater Seattle and Tacoma metro area who are committed to transforming education in urban areas.

MacFarland Scholarship Applicants must meet the following criteria:

MacFarland Scholarship Application Instructions:

  1. Complete the application for admission and submit all required documents. Program must be directly related to furthering your work within the elementary or secondary public school system.
  2. Complete the scholarship application: MacFarland Scholarship
  3. One of the required references for your program application must be provided by your principal and must discuss your commitment to urban education, as well as provide examples of your work as an exemplary educator and your future as an educational leader. (This recommendation will also be used in the scholarship review.)
  4. Write a scholarship essay, two pages, double spaced (approximately 500 words) that address the following:
    • The School of Education at Northeastern is committed to providing quality educational opportunities to those who otherwise might not have them. Please describe how your work supports our mission and how your contributions are making an impact in the field.
  5. Submit the completed MacFarland Scholarship application to Please be sure to include “MacFarland Scholarship” in the subject line when emailing your application.

Scholarship Deadlines:

Deadlines for upcoming terms can be found on the scholarship overview page here.

Scholarship Awarding Process:

Scholarship application reviews occur after each deadline for students who have been admitted to an academic program, have completed a scholarship application, and have submitted required documents.

Award letters are published after the deadline. Selected recipients will receive a formal letter via email of the award granted.