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Ping Pong Pals

By Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata

Urban Politics, December 13, 2013

There’s a ping pong table now located on City Hall’s Red Room – the space just off the plaza level that has the water jet fountain. About a year ago, I was touring Northeastern University’s new Seattle campus when I came across one of their ping pong tables. I began playing and had such a good time I thought it would be worth sharing with the public. I asked the University to consider selling the City one of their ping pong tables for a dollar. And, to my surprise, they said yes!

The idea was to allow anyone to play and now they can by signing up at the security desk on the main floor of City Hall. They’ll even be provided paddles and balls if needed.

Tayloe and Nick Ping Pong Crowd 8-7-13

Stephanie Pure used to be a legislative aide to former Councilmember Peter Stenbrueck and now serves as Senior Director of Business and Community Relations at Northeastern. Stephanie was instrumental in persuading Northeastern to sell us the ping pong table.

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Stock Imagery Computer Lab

MS Computer Science ALIGN Student Profiles

Are you looking to break into the Pacific Northwest’s innovative and growing Tech Industry? Northeastern University – Seattle’s Master of Science in Computer Science ALIGN program gives you the fundamentals to jump start your career. Look at these two student profiles and you can get a better sense of our current students. 

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Recap: Exploring Collaborations Conference and GAMES Initiative Breakout Sessions

On Wednesday, December 4th The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) hosted their conference Exploring Collaborations: Successful Strategies for Increasing Equity and Access to STEM (PNW Collaborates). Here is a summary and some take away points from the day: 

  • There was an incredible breath and depth of education leadership, common experience, and commitment to STEM learning and engaging girls.
  • Diversity was a persistent topic; one key point made was that people from diverse backgrounds must be making the decisions, not just presented with them at the end to review.
  • The conference was a great networking opportunity and we met many leaders in the STEM and girls advocacy world.
  • Our GAMES Initiative break sessions were interesting especially because of the amount of non-gamers that really got what we were trying to do. Gamification is a know technique for accomplishing the GAMES Initiative and NGCP goals.
  • We significantly grew the GAMES Initiative network with girls, gaming, and STEM expertise to refine our thought strategies and heard many additional, unique perspectives. 

For a more in depth play-by-play review, read on:

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Northeastern – Seattle Hosts the Seattle Sports Commission

Karch Kiraly

The Seattle Campus hosted the Seattle Sports Commission (SCC) for their Board of Directors meeting. From The SCC’s website:

“The Seattle Sports Commission (SSC) is a non-profit agency whose mission is to play a critical role in generating the power of sports to drive economic development, influence the quality of life and shape the future of the region. The SSC serves as an advocate to local amateur, collegiate, and professional sports organizations because we understand the cultural importance of sports in our community.”

The SCC Board of Directors consists of many notable private and public sector leaders including Karen Bryant, CEO of the Seattle Storm; Dr. Tom Hansen, President & CEO of Seattle Children’s Hospital and our very own Dean and CEO, Tayloe Washburn. The Board of Directors meets about four times a year to check-in and assess their progress. 

The guest speaker was Karch Kiraly. He is a master of transition and the most decorated volleyball player in the sport. His transition from National Champion at UCLA to Olympic gold medalist in the indoor game to Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball, makes him the only athlete to medal in both sports. His transition from player to coach has been every bit as successful as Kiraly is now Head Coach for the USA Women’s Volleyball team.