Current Funding

  1. Agency: National Science Foundation
    Project Title: Expeditions in Computing - Understanding Climate Change: A Data-driven Approach
    Website: UMN
  2. Agency: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Project Title: Data and methodology for probabilistic precipitation modeling
  3. Source: Office of the Provost, Northeastern University
    Project Title: Regulatory policy for adaptation and mitigation of weather extremes in the climate change context
  4. Source: Northeastern University
    Title: Startup funds for Ganguly
  5. Source: Private Donor
    Project: Gordon Slaney Civil and Environmental Faculty Support Award

Prior Funding

  1. Department of Defense: Office of the Secretary of Defense
  2. Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency (DARPA) of the US DOD
  3. Office of Naval Research of the US DOD
  4. Department of Homeland Security: Office of Infrastructure Protection
  5. National Geospatial-intelligence Agency
  6. Department of Energy and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  7. .