Scout partners with Northeastern-affiliated organizations that are looking to create digital, physical and interactive user experiences for their audiences. We assess a wide range of projects and accept work on an as-neded basis throughout the year. If your organization values design and is looking to work with (really fun and driven students), drop us a line below.


Scout is developing a new model for student-led learning based around three key components: peer-to-peer review, interactions with industry professionals and professional experiential learning. All of these things require a pool of resources built up over time— that's where your contribution comes in.

By partnering with Scout, you're contributing to a fund that later becomes scholarships for project leads, co-op positions for the management team and other operational costs such as public meeting and event expenses.


Who will I be working with once Scout partners with my organization?

Your primary contact on any project is a dedicated project manager; he or she handles all communication between Scout and your team. Throughout the research, iteration and implementation process you will also meet the lead designer(s) and developer(s) behind the operation.

Who is overseeing the work produced and, more specifically, my project?

In addition to an upperclassmen executive board, there is a dedicated faculty advisor and supportive network of Art and Design professors who bring their expertise and insights from years of industry experience to critiques of the deliverables you see. And because the Scout community is open to the whole University, there are a lot of detail-oriented eyes on our work.

What happens if my project manager, designer and/or developer leaves for the summer, study abroad, co-op or graduation?

As Northeastern students, we’ve learned to anticipate these types of situations. Throughout the entire project process, notes, design assets and code are shared; when a student is preparing to leave for a long period of time, your project’s team will have an extensive debrief to onboard another qualified Scout student. Plus, these days many design firms are adopting a "distributed workforce" model where people work remotely. If you are comfortable with a distance relationship, you might choose to work with the same project manager if they are away. Either way, we promise to never drop a beat.

How is Scout different than a traditional design or creative agency?

Scout is entirely student-led and uses the work our studio produces to bring design thinking to the greater Northeastern community through regular public critiques, workshops, presentations and other events. As students, we are curious and eager to try new things, challenge the norm and work as hard as possible to enhance your brand and user experiences...not to mention passion for all things creative is in our DNA.


Scout is looking for partners that are receptive to the design process and interested in working with students to solve large-scale challenges. There is a fee associated with our services but, we may on occasion choose pro bono projects. If you're unsure whether or not Scout is right for you (or vice versa), send us a message anyway and we can probably find and recommend the right person for the job.

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