Honors Program

Mission Statement
The mission of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Honors Program is to provide highly motivated undergraduate majors with a more extensive liberal arts education, a more flexible curriculum, greater opportunity for student-faculty interaction, and the experience of independent research. These opportunities maximize the benefits of a small school within a large university, and will be invaluable to those planning to continue their education in graduate and professional school.

Students are invited into the Criminal Justice Honors Program by the admissions committee of the University Honors Office. The Criminal Justice Honors Program is part of the University Honors Program. For students entering Northeastern, admission is based on SAT scores and high school QPA. Students may also enter the Criminal Justice Honors Program during their undergraduate studies, at the end of the first semester of their freshman year or the beginning of their sophomore year based on a 3.4 or better cumulative average. They may also join at the beginning of their junior year with the same grade point average if they intend to complete the Honors Project.

Students in the Criminal Justice Honors Program will enroll in designated (honors) sections of core Criminal Justice courses, as well as several honors seminars within the broader university honors program. These courses offer smaller class sizes, more in-depth study, greater faculty-student interaction, and a more flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum.

Honors students are also encouraged to pursue in-depth study with School faculty members, particularly through the honors project. These more engaging and individualized academic experiences will allow honors students to identify and pursue their academic and professional interests.

Those considering graduate or professional school will find the Honors Program invaluable. The opportunities for discovery, interaction with faculty, study in small seminars, and self-directed research experiences will all help prepare students to successfully apply for and eventually complete more rigorous and competitive graduate and professional programs. Honors students who graduate with distinction (by completing an honors thesis) are also invited to apply for one full-tuition scholarship in the graduate program in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University.

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