Natasha Frost

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Natasha Frost serves as Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice with primary responsibility for the administration of the graduate programs. In her role as Associate Dean, she also coordinates the administration of internship programs for both the undergraduate and graduate students.

Professor Frost is also an Associate Professor in the School with primary research and teaching interests in the area of punishment and social control. Specifically, she is interested in punitiveness (both individual and state level), formal and informal social control, and the effects of incarceration and reentry on individuals, families, and communities. Professor Frost often works with non-profit and state/local agencies on issues related to her scholarly interests and involves both undergraduate and graduate students in those projects. Since arriving at Northeastern in 2005, she has completed an assessment of state-level variations in punitiveness towards women for the Women’s Prison Association in New York, served as a consultant for the Massachusetts State Parole Board, and conducted correctional program assessment and recidivism studies for several Massachusetts Houses of Correction. Professor Frost is currently finishing up a study of the impact of incarceration on crime in communities and recently completed a manuscript for a book, The Punishment Imperative: The Rise and Failure of Mass Incarceration in America (forthcoming in 2013, NYU Press). Professor Frost has recently published in Justice Quarterly, Criminology & Public PolicyPunishment & SocietyCrime, Law and Social Change, and Studies in Law, Politics, and Society.

Professor Frost holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northeastern University (1997) and a Ph.D. in criminal justice from the City University of New York’s Graduate School and University Center (2004).


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