Kevin Drakulich

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Drakulich received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Washington, where he concentrated on a broad view of sociological criminology and deviance, as well as methodology through his association with the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences.

His recent work focuses on three interrelated lines of research on questions related to race, ethnicity, inequality, and crime.  The first examines social processes related to crime and its consequences across space—and in particular across neighborhoods or communities.  A second line of research builds off the first by asking how people view crime, disorder, and social control processes within their community.  Finally, a third line of research follows this line of thought beyond neighborhoods, examining how people view crime, control, and related policies more broadly.

Selected recent publications:
* Graduate student co-author.

Drakulich, Kevin M. and Kristin Rose*.  2013. “Being Male or Living with a Female: Fear for Partners by Sex and Sexual Orientation.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence.  (Forthcoming; published online December 30, 2012).

Drakulich, Kevin M.  2013. “Perceptions of the Local Danger Posed by Crime: Race, Disorder, Informal Control, and the Police.” Social Science Research 42: 611-32.

Drakulich, Kevin M.  2012. “Strangers, Neighbors, and Race: A Contact Model of Stereotypes and Racial Anxieties about Crime.” Race and Justice 2: 322-55.

Drakulich, Kevin M., Robert D. Crutchfield, Ross L. Matsueda, and Kristin Rose*.  2012. “Instability, Informal Control, and Criminogenic Situations: Community Effects of Returning Prisoners.” Crime, Law, and Social Change 57: 493-519.


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