Jacob Stowell

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Stowell received his PhD in sociology from the University at Albany-SUNY. Stowell is originally from California, where he received his BA in sociology from California State University, San Marcos. His research interests are guided by two general themes; communities and crime. More specifically, he is interested in the variation in patterns of violence across immigrant and non-immigrant neighborhoods. Most recently, his research has involved the use of tract-level data collected for a number of U.S. cities to test the question of whether immigration is associated with high levels of lethal and non-lethal violence, as theories of crime expect. Stowell is currently involved in additional research projects with Ramiro Martinez which examine both the spatial and temporal aspects of the immigrant/crime link. Professor Stowell’s methodological interests include mapping, spatial analysis and structural equation modeling.

His teaching interests include statistics, research methods, and communities and crime.

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