Student Research

Criminology and Criminal Justice faculty members conduct exciting research at the cutting edge of their fields.

Undergraduate students can collaborate with these professors and investigate issues in the areas of criminology, law, and policing, just to name a few.

Pursuing research at the university level makes our students knowledge creators and develops their teamwork skills; and the discipline of mind that research requires is one of the best ways to learn to think critically.

With more than 30 interdisciplinary research centers and more than 600 full-time faculty collaborating on basic and applied research in the United States and around the globe, Northeastern offers countless opportunities for students to apply their classroom learning to the process of discovery: through honors projects, co-op and study abroad experiences, and a mix of University- and college-sponsored programs.

Undergraduates often present their research findings at Northeastern’s annual Research and Technology Expo, as well as at major academic conferences and in scholarly journals.

Learn more about research at Northeastern here.

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