RISE is followed by the Reach Awards Reception where students’ exceptional research will be recognized.

Outstanding Research Awards
Seven Outstanding Student Research Awards are presented in each category of research. These students will receive a RISE Medal to acknowledge their remarkable presentations.

RISE Awards
The RISE Awards are presented to those who show excellence in Research, Innovation, and Scholarship, with each also receiving a $1,000 cash reward. The final award is given to the presentation that receives the most RISE Dollars during RISE and who displays the greatest excellence in Entrepreneurship. They also receive a $5,000 cash reward.

Best Video Pitch
New this year, students who submit a video pitch in MyRISE will be eligible for recognition at the the Reach Awards Reception. The highest scoring video presentation will be recognized with the Best Video Pitch award as well as a $500 cash reward.

RISE:2014 Winners


Microfluidic Chemotaxis-Based Cell Immunophenotyping for Ocular Diagnostics. David Walsh, Juliette Kassas


The Millennial Village. Chris Marciano, Ryan Matthew, Mark Munroe


Salsolinol compounds as biomarkers for human alcohol consumption, disease, and toxicity. Sean Kocur


Interactive Cyclists Accident Prevention System (iCAPS). Amir Farjadian, Qingchao Kong, Carlo Sartori, Matt Gowie, Elica Farjadian, Constantinos Mavroidis

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate: Minutes to Midnight: Promoting Creation, Culpability, and Critical Thinking. Chris Germano, Duncan MacLeod, Justin Yang

Graduate: A web-based laboratory for computational social science. Ceyhun Karbeyaz, David Lazer, Waleed Meleis, Alan Mislove, Brian Keegan

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate: Resilient Structures. David Potter, Sara Al-Otaibi

Graduate: Microfluidic Chemotaxis-Based Cell Immunophenotyping for Ocular Diagnostics. David Walsh, Juliette Kassas

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: A pilot project in preparation for the randomized control trial: “Moving On After Breast Cancer”. Emily Nasson, Marin Little, Lucy Burrage

Graduate: Salsolinol compounds as biomarkers for human alcohol consumption, disease, and toxicity. Sean Kocur

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Artist Co-Funding: Redefining The Modern Record Label. Joey Lafyatis

Graduate: The Millennial Village. Chris Marciano, Ryan Matthew, Mark Munroe


Undergraduate: WeTeam. Matt Gowie, Maple Kuo, Craig Berry, John Reardon, Nicole Nussbaum

Graduate: Localized tumor delivery of radiosensitizers and chemotherapeutics using ‘INCeRT’ implants. Jodi Belz, Stacey Markovic, Rajiv Kumar, Mark Niedre, Srinivas Sridhar

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Application of Spectral Cytopathology as a Diagnostic Tool for Barrett’s Esophagus. Douglas Townsend

Graduate: Optimization of pharmaceutical properties of a lead compound targeting human African trypanosomiasis by nanoformulations. Jennifer Woodring

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Know Thyself…Or Not. Inbae Choi

Graduate: Perceived Control of Pain Contributes to Reduced Pain Ratings and Accurately Recalling Pain. Mollie Ruben, Adriana Jodoin, Isabelle Nichols, Judith Hall

Best Video Pitch Award

GABA Modulating Bacteria in the Human Gut Microbiome. Philip Strandwitz, Eric Stewart, Kim Lewis

COE Dean’s Award

A System For Gathering Data  on Sleep Behavior  and Context in the Home Setting. Aida Ehyaei

SREC Engineering Award

Gather – Enhanced Short-Term Social Event Discovery and Planning. Robinson Greig

Graduate Student Government Award

Treating Parkinson’s Disease Using a Non-Invasive Gene Therapy Approach. Amirah Aly

RISE:2013 Winners

Research - Malav Trivedi
The Research award is given to students who display excellent procedure and method in their exploration and study.

Innovation - Antonio Rufo
The Innovation award is given to students who discover novel and revolutionary inventions or processes and that can be translated into real-world applications or has practical implications.

Scholarship - Benjamin Greer
The Scholarship award is given to  students who display an academic breakthrough in a particular branch or filed.

Entrepreneurship - Amir Farjadian
The People’s Choice award, this is given to students who display research with the greatest entrepreneurial potential.

Computer and Information Sciences
Yiyun Ma – Graduate
Katherine Schneider – Undergraduate

Engineering and Technology
Ryan Hennessy – Graduate
Antonio Rufo – Undergraduate

Health Sciences
Nick O’Donnell – Undergraduate
Malav Trivedi – Graduate

Humanities and Arts
Jessica Wilcock – Graduate
Benjamin Greer – Undergraduate

Ryan Myers – Graduate
Chelsea Costanev – Undergraduate

Physical and Life Sciences
Mehmet Nurullah Ates – Graduate
Ashley Cryan – Undergraduate

Social Sciences, Business and Law
Lisa Granquist – Graduate
Krista Langley – Undergraduate