Student Presenters

Thursday, April 7, 2016

RISE Expo – Cabot Physical Education Center

8:30am – Registration and board set-up begins

9:30am – Mandatory Presenters’ meeting

10:00am – RISE:2016 opens and judging begins

1:45pm – List of finalists posted on monitors

1:45pm – Investment Bank due at Presenter Information area

2:00pm –  RISE:2016 concludes

Reach Awards Reception – TBD

Please check in at Presenter Registration in the Cabot Center first floor lobby between 8:30am and 9:30am. Make note of your Abstract Number and don’t forget your poster! You will need your Abstract Number along with the full name of your lead presenter to obtain your packet at registration. In the packet, you will find a floor layout, name tags and everything else you will need to set up. You should have your presentation mounted by 9:45am, and the show opens at 10:00am. 

Please note that an individual from your group should be present at the poster at all times. Judges will be making their way around the floor to introduce themselves and hear your RISE Pitch.

Business attire is required. Your interaction with the two judges who will score your presentation will mimic future interactions you will have with venture capitalists, grant managers and government officials as a successful researcher. Use this experience as a learning process for your future success.

At 1:45pm,  the finalists will be posted on the monitors next to the podium in Cabot, as well as notified by email. Please check the monitors/email before you leave to see if you are a finalist! At least one representative from your team will need to be present at the Reach Awards Reception to accept an award should you receive one.

Wrap up
All posters are to remain on display for the full four hours of RISE:2016. You should begin your poster removal at 2:00pm. The boards will be dismantled at 2:10pm. We are not responsible for posters not removed by that time.