Impact of Architecture and Design on Patient Recovery

The natural environment has a major affect on its user psychologically and physically. æNatural landscape and natural light have been shown to improve patient recovery, reduce analgesic use, and increase overall satisfaction in hospital settings. æHowever in dense urban landscapes, natural views and natural light are not readily accessible. æUrban landscapes have actually been shown … See More

Teleforce – Senior Game Design Capstone

Teleforce is a first person shooter/puzzle game that is currently being developed by a team of Seniors for the Game Design Capstone. æThe game takes place in a futuristic world, where Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison race to find the elixir of everlasting life. You play as Edison’s robot Stanley, searching through Tesla’s labyrinth to … See More

Bilingual Guided Meditation Practice Program: Academic Stress Reduction and Foreign Language Learning Enhancement

Bilingual Guided Meditation Practice Program: Academic Stress Reduction and Foreign Language Learning Enhancement Studies have shown that meditation practices have significant effects on reducing stress levels. However, there have been few studies that focus on how meditation practice might alleviate the stress levels for college students in learning a foreign language. If meditation practice may … See More

LCA In Regulatory Law

Government agencies face demands for more use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in making decisions on the health and environmental dimensions of nano-enabled products. This paper is a preliminary assessment of the current utilization of life cycle approaches in the U.S. regulatory system. It notes the absence of legal authority for LCA in most U.S. … See More

Biohybrid Robot Fabrication using E-Jet Printer

A key challenge of designing and constructing biohybrid robots is interfacing between the biological and synthetic components. In this project, we attempt to address this challenge in our construction of micro-scale motor components for a novel autonomous underwater robot. This swimming robot is designed to use photoproduction to interface between the electrical components of the … See More

Dilemma for dinner: An exploratory study into the meat paradox

Many people like meat, but they dislike animal suffering at the same time; this is called the ‘meat paradox’ (Loughnan et al., 2010). The meat paradox can influence a motivated denial of mind, potentially dissociating the pleasantness of meat-eating from animal suffering (Loughnan et al., 2010). Additionally, some people consider meat-eating to be a moral … See More

SymbolPath: A Continuous Motion Overlay Module for Icon-Based Assistive Communication

Individuals with severe speech im_pairments often rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) sys_tems to interact with others. Individuals with poor literacy skills or compromised motor functions typically use icon-based AAC systems, which enable faster and less effortful message formulation compared to letter-based systems. Yet navigating to and selecting from a series of icons to … See More

A web-based laboratory for computational social science

While laboratory experiments are a methodological cornerstone across the social and behavioral sciences, physical laboratories have drawbacks that lead to unrepresentative populations, small participant pools, and substantial organizational complexity. Web-based platforms have the potential to transform this experimental research paradigm by running larger experiments more quickly and more efficiently. We developed a web-based experimental behavioral … See More

Managing a Portfolio of Projects _ Metrics for Improvement

Ali Touran, PhD, PE, F.ASCE; Reza Masoumi, PhD student æAbstract æIn this research, a portfolio is defined as a group of projects and/or programs managed by either a project manager or a project director. Considering time, budget and resource constraints, Construction Industry Institute (CII) best practices are currently not specifically applicable for managing a Portfolio … See More