Colony : Modular Frameworks to Combat Gentrification

The Boston housing market is more saturated now than it has been since the city's inception in 1630. According to Kiplinger, Boston is now the 7th most expensive urban area in the US in terms of overall cost of living, rising a staggering 39.7% above the national average in 2014. On top of that, Curbed … See More

CityVibes: A Mobile Application for Collaborative Adventure Planning

CityVibes is a mobile app that builds flexible itineraries for groups looking to adventure in a new city. Coordinating an outing for people with different interests is always difficult. While Yelp, Foursquare, & travel blogs provide useful business information and user reviews, these applications don’t translate this information into a format where the user can … See More

Rethinking the Big-Box Typology for Residential Urban Environments

Big-box retail provides useful amenities, but is typically considered incompatible with dense urban fabric. This project proposes a new box store typology that appropriates the building type’s inherent mass to an urban residential streetscape. Like many residential neighborhoods close to a city center, Orient Point in East Boston lacks access to an aggregation of commercial … See More

The Terrace on Newcomb

The traditional courtyard community design arranges monotonous apartment units around a flat patch of grass that serves more as a nice view than an occupied space for anyone living above the first floor.  This motif slyly avoids the idea that all residents deserve access to shared outdoor space and treats the courtyard as an afterthought that … See More

Disaster Housing System

Every year disasters induced by conflict and climate will cause millions to fall victim to their forces, consequently increasing the existent population of the forcibly displaced worldwide. The majority of those affected by these disasters already lead highly vulnerable lives, so when a disaster strikes they are seemingly left hopeless. The current approaches in disaster response are … See More

Urban Housing And Aggregation

City life and suburban life has always a problem for a family to choose. The encouragement of suburban life did huge progress in the urbanization of American’s city. However, it also raises some problems, like traffic and wide expansion of urban spaces, not mentioning the burden of infrastructure of the urban side.  High density in … See More

Strategic Impermanence: The Boston Olympic Aquatic Center

The Olympic games are a unique opportunity for a country and city to showcase itself to the world. In recent years, mass media has led to ever rising viewership and attention, and each host city has grappled with and embraced this phenomenon in its own unique way. With the potential opportunity for Boston to host … See More

Digital Empathy: Exploring Clinical Depression through Interactive Media

To the vast majority of the world’s citizens, video games have little to no cultural authority. They exist in the dominion of children, of Hollywood entertainment, and they hold little value outside of this spectrum. Hollow Beat, an adventure game exploring clinical depression, envisions a future where interactive works foster thought, dialogue and cultural representation. Following … See More

Everett | Intraface

Industrial waterfronts across the globe face challenges from the impending rise in sea levels and increased coastal inundation. These typically low-lying, impermeable lands support global networks and serve regional interests, yet often separate surrounding communities from the water. Nowhere in Greater Boston is this dynamic more apparent than the city of Everett, located along the Mystic River. … See More

Gather – Enhanced Short-Term Social Event Discovery and Planning

View Poster Think about how many times gatherings between friends fall apart due to varying interests, group availability, and group mentality.  Gather is a tool that makes the planning of gatherings easy, painless and most importantly, successful. The discovery and planning of social events is a three-stage funnel: identifying possibilities, filtering by interest, and then … See More