A Post Industrial Somerville: Urban Development with an Ecological Infrastructure

Statement: A new sustainable model of coastal urban development for mitigating urban runoff and storm surge events. æWith the incremental rise in sea level each year, waterfront cities must seek an alternative to the corrugated steel and infill condition flanking the majority of urban coastlines, and embrace a softer and more dynamic system of water … See More

The Blair Residences

The Blair Residences was the name given to a study of mine into a new architectural housing typology; the micro loft. This is an architecture fully-concerned with the humanities aspect of design, and is meant to create diverse housing opportunities for young professionals and recent graduates. The subject area for my case study was Dudley … See More

Rethinking Urban Public Housing: A Prototype Promoting Social Sustainability

Over one million American households reside in public housing, and with income inequality continuing to rise, the success of affordable housing demands our immediate attention. Throughout the past fifty years, efforts to break up the homogenous concentrations of poverty found in housing projects have failed to meet the needs of the urban condition. My research … See More