Targeted Delivery of Polymer Pro-Drug Conjugate to Treat Drug Resistance in Cancer

Rationale: Cancer cells over-express many tumor associated receptors. We propose that use of pretargeting approach for active targeting of polymer-pro-drug conjugates (PPDCs) to drug resistant cancer cells utilizing bispecific antibody complexes could lead to better therapeutic outcome.   Methods: Bispecific antibody complexes consisting of either anti-DTPA Fab covalently-linked to anti-HER2 affibody or biotinylated intact anti-DTPA … See More

A Comparison of the STOPP/START Criteria and the Beers Criteria as Applicable to the U.S. Nursing Home Population

Motivation: In U.S. nursing homes (NH), 40% of residents receive ≥9 different medications, which may be clinically inappropriate. The Screening Tool of Older Person’s Prescriptions (STOPP)/Screening Tool to Alert doctors to Right Treatment (START) criteria, developed in Ireland, detects potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) and treatment omissions. The Beers criteria identify PIMs in older U.S. patients. … See More

Trunk Kinematics and Neuromuscular Control in Athletes With and Without Patellofemoral Pain During a Lateral Step-Down Test

Background: Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a clinically challenging condition commonly occurring in athletes. PFPS has been associated with hip muscle weakness and altered neuromuscular control and lower extremity kinematics. However, the relationship between PFPS and trunk control is unclear. Purpose: The purpose of our study was to examine the relationship between trunk kinematics, neuromuscular … See More

Real Time Ultrasound Imaging: A Needs Assessment for an Educational Program Within A Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Objective To assess the need for implementation of Real Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUI) education into physical therapy (PT) curriculum through three components: a review of educational standards, a literature search, and a survey of students’ perspective. Background RTUI allows for dynamic imaging of muscle activity. RTUI is considered an effective, safe and non-invasive tool with … See More

Patterned Auditory Stimulation and Suck Dynamics in Full-Term Infants

Efficient sucking and feeding are essential skills for developing infants. However, some infants have difficulties with these tasks. Feeding difficulties often stem from lack of proper oromotor skills and coordination and can lead to extended NICU stays. Even after NICU discharge, poor sucking and feeding abilities can translate into poor breastfeeding skills. Therapies and strategies to enhance sucking and … See More

Not all Pacifiers are Created Equal: An Examination of Pacifier Types and Their Influence on Suck Patterning in Infants

Many pacifier companies state that their product is the best choice to support infant development; however, little evidence exists to support these claims. Different pacifiers can either enhance or impede proper suck development, due to the infants’ sensitivity to oral sensation cues, which have the ability to change an infant’s oromotor output. The purpose of … See More