Side-Stream Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal

Due to algae blooms and eutrophication, officials say it is better not to swim in Boston's Charles River. While there are many factors contributing to this, one key component is the phosphorus from effluent wastewater; this is why there are many stringent regulations on the amount of phosphorus that can be discharged in this water. … See More

Fast Consensus Dynamics with Homogeneous Inter-Agent Delays

A class of multi-agent consensus dynamics with inter agent communication delay is studied here in terms of rate of convergence in agent states as a parameter of topology structure and coupling strengths of the agents. For this system, it is known that consensus is guaranteed only if the inter-agent delay is less than a certain … See More

Bone Mineral Density Distribution and Fracture Resistance of the Bone

Bone is a composite material with various biological and structural components and a hierarchical structure over several length scales. At different levels of the bone hierarchy those components such as mineral crystals, protein molecules and collagen fibers interact together and cause the bone to be both strong and tough. In order to understand the underlying … See More

Merging Tomosynthesis with Microwave Imaging for Better Breast Screening Accuracy

Accurate and early detection of breast cancer is of high importance in medicine as it is directly associated with ease and pace of patients’ treatment and recovery. Uncertainties in current breast imaging methods carry two main issues with them: the possibility of (1) missing newly formed tumors surrounded by dense tissues, and (2) false positive (FP) … See More

System Level Performance Estimation Using Calibrated Weight Table Approach

In Electronic System Level Design it is essential to gauge the design decision at each level of abstraction while synthesizing from system level to the implementation. With an exploding Design Space, performance estimation at the highest abstraction level (Source-Level) is a critical step in embedded system design. The high level estimation must be capable of evaluating … See More

Microscale Calorimeter Based on Nanohole Array Sensors

 A unique calorimeter design based on a co-flow apparatus using nanohole arrays to determine the concentration changes and energy released during chemical reactions is described. The calorimeter experiments are important to the pharmaceutical industry. The floor of the co-flow microfluidic cell is a nanohole chip composed of a metallic gold layer deposited onto a silicate substrate … See More

Designing Fiber Reinforced Composites that Change Shape

Shape change in natural materials is dependent on their microfibrils with specific orientations which allow them to swell/shrink anisotropically with respect to different humidity of surrounding environment. Here we propose various artificial boinspired composites, including poly-acid-nipaam, gelatin and polyurethane, to replicate the mechanism of nature system. The technique is based on reinforcing the polymer matrices by adding … See More

Milk Components Effect on Nanoparticle Diffusion in Intestinal Mucus

Intestinal mucus selectively controls the diffusion of molecules, particulate matter, and microorganisms to the underlying epithelial layer. Different dietary components, e.g. soybean oil and calcium, may alter mucus barrier properties and affect the absorption of nutrients, drugs, etc. Therefore, studying the effect of a complex medium (such as milk, which contains lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and … See More