Development of Virtually Interfaced Robotic Ankle and Balance Trainer (vi-RABT)

The ankle joint plays a vital role in our simplest every day activities such as standing, walking, running, and maintaining stable posture. It is usually under the stress of the entire body weight, and accordingly it is highly subject to physical trauma. Ankle injuries are also caused by neurological impairments such as stroke, cerebral palsy … See More

Corrective Writing Instrument for Persons Affected by Tremors

Involuntary tremors affect approximately 12 million people in the United States and are primarily caused by ParkinsonÍs disease (PD), essential tremor (ET), and dystonia. Tremors are typically observed in the hands and are thus the main source of difficulties faced by patients while performing common daily activities such as eating and writing. Affordances for handwriting, … See More

The Village in the Clouds: Bringing Water to El Carrizalito

El Carrizalito is a community in rural Honduras with limited access to clean water. Known as ñThe Village in the Cloudsî the people must hike down a mountain to their water source everyday and carry enough water back to their homes for their families. Since 2010, the Northeastern University student chapter of Engineers Without Borders … See More

Understanding Aerosol Chemistry Through Computational Modeling

Aerosols are heterogeneous mixtures of solid particles or droplets of liquid in a gas. Atmospheric aerosols originate from vehicle and factory pollution as well as dust, and the particles as well as their reaction products have significant effects on climate, health, and stability of ecosystems. æThus, it is crucial to further understand the chemistry of … See More

High resolution detection with personal screening synthetic aperture radar

The screening systems in the airports are using two technologies, x-ray backscattering and millimeter wave radar. The millimeter wave radar is a more desirable technology since it has depth information and is not an ionizing radiation, although the resolution in the millimeter wave frequency is not as high as x-ray frequency. However to have good … See More

Microfluidic Separation of Cells against Multiple Markers

Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) have the ability to repair damaged blood vessels and therefore are useful as precursors in the in vitro cultivation of vascular grafts. There is a need to sequester these cells from whole blood, an inherently heterogeneous mixture. The ability to isolate these rare cells from a complex blood suspension requires a … See More

Environmental Data Analysis, GIS Mapping, and Groundwater Modeling in the North Coast Karst Aquifer of Puerto Rico

The goal of the PROTECT NIEHS SRP Center is to evaluate exposure to groundwater contamination through karst formations in Northern Puerto Rico and assess the potential impact of said exposure on public health. This will be achieved through integrated analytical, mechanistic, epidemiology and fate-transport studies, along with a centralized, indexed data repository. Prediction of contaminant … See More