When Anonymity is Not Anonymous. Gender Inference on Reddit

Demographic segmentation, a pillar of cost-efficient marketing, has assumed a new order of complexity with the rise of social media and Big Data. Reddit is of particular interest given its exponentially expanding user base, topical community structure, and temporal alignment with pop culture. However, Reddit’s aggressive response to user privacy concerns and minimalistic platform have … See More

A web-based laboratory for computational social science

While laboratory experiments are a methodological cornerstone across the social and behavioral sciences, physical laboratories have drawbacks that lead to unrepresentative populations, small participant pools, and substantial organizational complexity. Web-based platforms have the potential to transform this experimental research paradigm by running larger experiments more quickly and more efficiently. We developed a web-based experimental behavioral … See More


We are building an app where photos of people’s meals can be shared and linked with their corresponding recipes and food information.  Users can also search, view and save recipes that they have tried or wish to try from their favorite chef, restaurant, or friend.  Users looking for specific recipes because of special dietary needs … See More

Northeastern Create: A Framework for Student-Led Technology Innovation

Create is a student-led innovation organization that builds web and mobile apps that benefit prospective and current students, faculty, staff, and alumni at Northeastern. We partner with divisions and departments to elicit requirements, design, develop, and market innovative solutions to campus problems. Ultimately, we are a consulting organization for higher ed clients, right now, specifically … See More

Minutes to Midnight: Promoting Creation, Culpability, and Critical Thinking

The monumental popularity of video games in modern culture has revolutionized interactive media through introducing new forms of user control, despite neglecting potential hazards with regards to player psychology. While there are concerns about negative effects that chronic playing of violent or otherwise questionable games could result in, few games prioritize critical thinking that has … See More

MIST: A Google Glass application for ubiquitous speech monitoring

We designed My Intelligible Speech Therapy (MIST), a Google glass application to improve speech clarity for individuals with speech impairment. Individuals with degenerative neuromotor disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (PD) and multiple sclerosis (MS), have slurred and soft speech. Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) is a clinically proven intervention that improves speech clarity by focusing … See More

Eternal Conflict

Eternal Conflict is a physical game that makes the bridge between the digital and real world by using 3D printing, laser cutting and a tablet application to enhance the experience. Two players face off against each other in Eternal Conflict by first choosing a scenario to play and setting up the map. The map consists … See More

A System For Gathering Data on Sleep Behavior and Context in the Home Setting

We spend almost one third of our lives sleeping. Quality and quantity of sleep affect health and how people feel and behave during the day, but better tools are needed to study sleep behaviors unobtrusively, outside of the laboratory. Polysomnography, the gold standard laboratory sleep monitoring method, is expensive and burdensome for the person wearing … See More

Health-support Reminding System

I am building a website with an App that the customer can type in their own physical information (e.g. age, gender, living city etc.) and the information about the medicine they are taking. This design will help them living a more healthy and regulated life. The website will design a health-supporting recipe customized for the … See More

Test Presentation

Northeastern University's Center for Research Innovation (CRI) is an impact driven initiative bridging the gap between laboratory research and need-based solutions. The CRI serves as the University-wide portal between industry and leading-edge innovations from Northeastern's use-inspired research portfolio. A majority of the CRI staff has prior entrepreneurial experience, creating an agile and responsive team focused … See More