Faculty Presenters

A pitch is a pitch is a pitch. Absolutely not. Not all pitches are created equal.

Crafting and delivering your elevator pitch dexterously and confidently is critical to piquing the interest of your audience. People are pitched to constantly, and your primary objective beyond being heard is to stand out.

RISE has invited pitchmaster Stuart Paap to illuminate and cultivate the requisite skills of pitching. This three hour session will consist of inspiring instruction and active pitch creation. You will learn how to craft and deliver your pitch with keen confidence while receiving tailored feedback from Mr. Paap, RISE mentors, and fellow participants.

Don’t let your impressive, cutting edge research be overshadowed by an unimpressive pitch.

The Three Parts of Hitting Your Target

  • Part 1: The Questionnaire
    • These customized questions will help you contemplate and craft your initial pitch
    • Download Pitch Questionnaire begin immediately and upload prior to Tuesday, March 15, 2016
  • Part 2: Hitting Your Target
    • During this live event, facilitated by Stuart Paap, you will discover the intricacies of the pitch and practice compelling delivery with fellow RISE presenters
    • Details
      • Tuesday, March 15, 2016
      • 5:00pm – 8:00pm
      • 250 Dockser Hall
  • Part 3: Refining Your Pitch Conference Calls
    • Pitch Script Conference Call
      • Each team will upload a Pitch Script between 500-750 words (750 Max) that Stuart Paap will personally review and discuss
      • Details
        • March 19, 2016 – Upload Pitch Script before 4pm
        • March 19, 2016 – Join Conference Call with Stuart Paap at 6pm for live feedback
      • Video Pitch Conference Call
        • Each team will upload a 2-3 minute Video Pitch that Stuart Paap will personally review and discuss
        • Details
          • March 20, 2016 – Upload Video Pitch before 12pm
          • March 20, 2016 – Join Conference Call with Stuart Paap at 6pm for live feedback

Dress your research in the attire it deserves — Excellence.