Innovative Risk Rewarded at Northeastern’s RISE

Innovation involves risk, multifarious risk. The risk to venture beyond the known. The risk to create solutions: solutions that often fail. The risk to strive for the solution that succeeds. During Northeastern’s Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo (RISE), risk is rewarded. Read the Article on BostInno

Liveblog: RISE showcases university’s research and entrepreneurial spirit

Coverage of RISE:2016! Follow the Live Blog! Today’s the day—RISE:2016, Northeastern’s Research, Inno­va­tion, and Schol­ar­ship Expo. The annual event show­cases the breadth and depth of our stu­dents and fac­ulty mem­bers’ research and entre­pre­neurial spirit across many dis­ci­plines. We’ll be live blog­ging with full coverage—including photos and video—throughout the day to share with you par­tic­i­pants’ projects, … See More

PITCHing to Perfection. Northeastern attendees are on their way!

Value was visible: everywhere. With each rendition, with each recitation of the PITCH, confidence grew. Body language and tone of voice exhibited this increase in confidence as Hitting Your Target attendees practiced the poignant techniques of pitchmaster Stuart Paap. Combining charisma with experience, Stuart delivered point after point after (pregnant pause) point for Northeastern students … See More

Save the Date for RISE:2016!

On April 7, 2016, the Office of the Provost and the Center for Research Innovation will host Northeastern University’s annual research, innovation and scholarship expo (RISE) for the fifth consecutive year! With over 900 student and faculty presenters, 400 innovative projects and more than 2,000 attendees, RISE continues to be the largest expo of its … See More

RISE Winners – Where Are They Now? – Alison Campbell

Alison Campbell, RISE:2015 Outstanding Student Research Award: Social Sciences, Business, and Law – Undergraduate Alison Campbell received an undergraduate Outstanding Student Research Award in the category of Social Sciences, Business and Law at RISE:2015 for her project, “The Socioecology of Academic Achievement Across Racial Boundaries: The Role of Context in Understanding Disparate Outcomes.” Campbell’s research … See More

RISE Winners – Where Are They Now? – Salar Shahini Shamsabadi

Salar Shahini Shamsabadi, RISE:2015 Innovation Salar Shahini Shamsabadi, ME’14, received two awards at RISE:2015 for his project, “PAVEMON: A GIS Web-based PAVEment MONitoring System.” Shamsabadi received the Innovation Award, which is given to students who discover novel and revolutionary inventions or processes and that can be translated into real-world applications or has practical implications, as … See More

RISE Winners – Where Are They Now? – David Walsh

David Walsh, RISE:2014 Research award David Walsh received the Research Award at RISE:2014 for his project, “Microfluidic Chemotaxis-Based Cell Immunophenotyping for Ocular Diagnostics.” The Research award is given to students who display excellent procedure and method in their exploration and study. Through his research, Walsh has developed a device that could improve monitoring and treatment … See More

RISE Winners – Where Are They Now? – Amir Farjadian

Amir Farjadian, PhD, RISE:2014 People’s Choice Amir Farjadian, PhD’15 received the Entrepreneurship Award at RISE:2014 for his project, “Interactive Cyclists Accident Prevention System (iCAPS).” RISE’s Entrepreneurship Award is the People’s Choice award and is given to students who display research with the greatest entrepreneurial potential. Farjadian’s research addresses the issue of bicycle safety with the … See More

RISE Winners – Where Are They Now? – Chris Marciano

Chris Marciano, RISE:2014 Innovation award Chris Marciano, AMD’13, MA’14, received an Innovation award at RISE:2014 for his project, “The Millennial Village.” Marciano’s architectural innovation is a housing development of Micro Lofts for graduate students and young professionals, master leased by a select group of local institutions. Marciano and his team developed the concept as a … See More

RISE Winners – Where Are They Now? – Doug Townsend

Doug Townsend, RISE:2014 Physical and Life Sciences – Undergraduate Award Doug Townsend, S’15 received an undergraduate award in the category of Physical and Life Sciences during RISE:2014 for his project, “Application of Spectral Cytopathology as a Diagnostic Tool for Barrett’s Esophagus.” Townsend research assessed the diagnostic performance of spectral cytopathy for identifying and classifying disease … See More