Important Information for Webinar Participants

When you register for a webinar, you will receive an email confirmation with important information. It is also available to you here.

You will receive a link to access the webinar on the day of the webinar. The link will be emailed to you at least 2 hours before the webinar. The link will not be active until 30 minutes prior to the start time. If you try to use the link before this, it will not work. Once the link is active, you may join the webinar.

Prior to the webinar, make sure to update your JAVA by going to the following website: to make sure your computer is up to date.

Mac Users: If you have OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and later versions, Firefox is the only browser with which this system will work. It will not work with Safari and Chrome. Please be sure to have the most recent OS (Mountain Lion) and the most recent Java update installed for best results. Go to your Apple menu and click on Software Updates and install any software updates that are available.

Pop-up Blocker: Evaluation form and CEU form will pop up once you close the webinar. Please don’t forget to turn off your pop-up blocker.

Special Accommodations: The provided accommodations are interpreters, captioning, the PowerPoint slides in an accessible format, and screen readers. For screen reader users, please contact Jessie Zhu at 435-797-3445 or email her at prior to the webinar to make sure that your accommodation will allow for successful participation.

ASL Interpreters: The interpreters will be streamed within the webinar system. It will automatically open once the streaming is activated. It can be closed if desired or moved around or expanded depending on your individual or group needs.

Closed Captioning: To access Closed Captioning, please click on the closed captioning icon next to the video & audio window. You can also enable captioning by selecting it from the “Windows” menu item up top. If you are using screen reader technology, please contact Jessie to discuss accommodation options.

Evaluation: We are required by our Federal funding agency to evaluate our activities. At the end of the webinar a satisfaction survey will automatically open. Please help us determine the effectiveness of the webinar content and format by filling this out completely. The results will be reported confidentially and will not be associated with your personal information.

CEUs/ACETs: You may request CEUs or ACET credits. To sign up for CEUs/ACETs, you must complete the satisfaction survey at the end of the webinar. Once you submit the evaluation, instructions on how to request CEUs will appear on the screen. You must attend the entire webinar to qualify for CEUs. Your attendance will be tracked by the webinar system.

It is very important that you use your full name when signing in, as that will be the way we verify your attendance should you need ACET credits or CEUs.

Verification of Attendance: The system will track the time you join and leave the webinar. Everyone who has pre-registered and attended for at least 45 minutes will receive an e-mailed Certificate of Attendance.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for joining us.


Anna Davis, M.Ed., CI & CT
Project Coordinator
Regional Interpreter Education Center
Northeastern University
405 Meserve Hall
Boston, MA 02115-5000
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617.373.3067 TTY
617.373.3065 Fax
Skype: annadavisnu
PR/Number #H160A100004

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