Summer Symposium at Northeastern University

Here is what former participants says about this program:

Intensive Diagnostic for Sign Language Interpreters

“The summer diagnostic intensive undoubtedly helped me identify patterns in my work, both conducive to the source message and otherwise, through thoughtful and supportive collegial conversations. Viewing samples of everyone’s work helped me practice thinking critically and reflectively about the messages we produce. The instructors were challenging, inspiring, and encouraging. Overall, I left with a better understanding of myself as an interpreter and much more prepared for my next steps in the field.” -Danielle Oaks; MA (Participated in the program in 2013)

“I absolutely believe NURIEC contributed to my development as a professional ASL interpreter. The intensive diagnostic last summer certainly helped sharpen up my skills and I believe that was key in order for me to get into the position I’m in now. I look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with NURIEC and further my professional growth and skills!” -Yvans Cator, Jr., Boston, MA (Participated in the program in 2012; received RID Certification in Fall 2013)

“The workshop was one of the best I’ve taken! It was challenging, but supportive; felt like a community, but remained personalized to my needs and skill level; helped me to identify what I did well, which boosted my confidence; helped me to realistically identify areas that I need to work on and equipped me with tools to do so. Would highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their interpreting skills.”-Margaret Terry Wynne; MA (Participated in the program in 2013)

“The feedback I received from all involved is invaluable. This was precisely the confidence boost I needed to not only feel secure about my work, and at the same time point out where my work could improve.” -William English, Boston, MA (Participated in the program in 2012)

“I have gone to the summer symposium for two years now and find it extremely beneficial to get both professional feedback about my work and discuss pertinent findings in the field today. The diverse group that comes together from all over the world allows for great discussions and I encourage all interpreters sign up for this years summer symposium!” -Sarah Clinkenbeard, Washington, D.C.
(Participated in the program in 2012)

“The NU Intensive Diagnostic for Sign Language Interpreters was a GREAT experience!!!! There were well-prepared, connoisseurs of the matter and experienced interpreters who served us as Instructors. Each one of them provided us with specific and detailed analysis of our interpretation work; in an always friendly, respectful and courteous way. The process of individual interpretation was evaluated, not to the interpreter. The feedback and suggestions received helped me to make a self-evaluation about the way that I interpreted. In addition, implement the recommendations, gave me the opportunity to be better Interpreter, with more skills and abilities, in my VR work; and to be better prepared to take the NIC test.” -Walter Rodr√≠guez Mori, VR Interpreter in Puerto Rico (Participated in the program in 2012)

“I signed up for the symposium hoping to get some feedback and practice in a safe setting after a few years away from interpreting. The symposium delivered; the instructors were great, I received good feedback and felt much more prepared to jump back into the field.” -Caitlin Scott, Fairfax, VA (Participated in the program in 2012)

“After graduating from the Northeastern University ITP in 2005, it was a no-brainer for me to jump at the chance to be a part of the pilot program for the Summer Symposium: Intensive Diagnostic for ASL Interpreters! It came just as advertised: It was an intense program that allowed ME to find the areas in my work that needed to be improved! Plenty of structured feedback sessions were scheduled during the week that met me at the level I needed to be challenged at. Not only did this program prepare me better to take the national certification test, it also provided the much needed tools for a career full of analysis and decision making, both related to the process of interpreting and in ethical situations. It is great to see the program still running strong!” -Joshua Ayoub NIC-M, Chicago IL

ASL Immersion for ASL Students

“My week of ASL Immersion at Summer Symposium was an invaluable experience! The workshop instructors were so knowledgeable and friendly. They created a safe space where I felt comfortable taking risks with my signing. It was a wonderful balance between intense instruction and opportunities to interact with other ASL users. I would definitely do it again!” -India; NH

“My ASL week at Northeastern was a great opportunity to meet other people from all over the northeast who are learning ASL. Everyone was very friendly and supportive (even as I struggled through fingerspelling). The worst part was how quickly the week ended!” -Krysty

“My name is Meredith Lipman, I’m a first year interpreting student at RIT from Kennesaw, GA, and I had the pleasure of attending the 6th and 7th Annual American Sign Language Immersion at Northeastern University. In the two summers I attended, I had the opportunity to learn ASL skills and vocabulary from NU’s professors, interact with people in the Deaf community in socials, and meet lifelong friends in the process. Going back for a second time was the best decision I ever made. I’d recommend this trip for ASL majors, interpreters, and even beginners just learning or interested in sign language. There’s something for everyone in this program; you won’t regret it!” -Meredith; GA

“I found the ASL Immersion Program to be very rewarding. The group of participants was diverse and ranged from only knowing the alphabet to working interpreters. It was great to meet so many people and learn about their experiences and how they become involved in the Deaf Community and Interpreting. The daily activities were also fun and challenging. Some of the activities were hands on, like teaching someone and recipe in ASL or visiting NEHD. I would highly recommend this immersion camp to any aspiring interpreter.” -Jenna; ME

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