Student Poster Call

Student Poster Presentations are an integral part of the RICC, to be featured 2:10-5pm on Thursday October 13, 2011 in the McLeod Suites in NU’s Curry Student Center.

We are requesting submissions from graduate and undergraduate students from all of the ALERT/PROTECT/Gordon-CenSSIS partner institutions. In addition, we would like to display posters representing other research efforts related to Homeland Security and Defense, Environmental Health, Engineering Education at Northeastern University and our partner institutions including, but not limited to:

  • The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program
  • The VOTERS (Versatile Onboard Traffic-Embedded Roaming Sensors) NIST Program
  • IGERT-Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Other research projects and capstone projects.

Abstract Due Date: Wednesday September 14, 2011

Final Poster Due Date: Wednesday September 28, 2011

Students should submit abstracts of 250 words or less to describe their poster presentations. The abstract should include a description of technology transfer opportunites related to your project.

Students should plan to discuss their abstracts with their advisors prior to submission. Please submit your abstract using the online form. Your abstract should be submitted no later than Wednesday September 14, 2011.

All student presenters are asked to prepare a Poster Slide in addition to their Poster Presentation.  The Poster Slide will provide specific brief information about the poster.  The Poster Slide will be presented by the student presenters in two 30-minute poster preview sessions, one addressing Environmental Health posters and the other addressing Homeland Security and Defense posters.  These preview sessions will take place at 1:10-2:10pm (immediately prior to the start of the poster session).  Each student will have 45-60 seconds to present the details on their Poster Slide.