Setting up myApps for Windows
Step 1: In Internet Explorer, go to the following link When you are prompted to open or save the file, click open.

Step 2: When you are prompted to enter your username and password, type your MyNEU username for your username. Then, type in your MyNEU password.

Step 3: A window will pop up asking whether or not to connect to an unknown publisher. This is normal. Just hit Connect.

Step 4: The window will now ask if you are sure you want to connect. Click Yes.

Step 5: Log in with your myNEU credentials.

Step 6: The myApps desktop appears. You will be prompted to log in to your myFiles Webdrive. Use your myNEU credentials to log in. That’s it! Now you can access all the programs you are looking for, including MiniTab and MatLab, by clicking Start and All Programs.

Step 7: To log out and close myApps, click Start and Log Off.

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