Setting up RemoteApp for Windows
Step 1: In your web browser, go to myNeu and scroll down to the RemoteApp section in the Self-Service tab. Click on “Connect to RemoteApp”. Alternatively, go to the following link

Step 2: When you are prompted to enter your username and password, type your MyNEU username for your username. Then, type in your MyNEU password.

Step 3: After logging in you will be presented with the RemoteApps that the university offers. Select which app you would like to use and click on it once to download the launcher. After the download is complete, open the launcher by double-clicking on it.

Step 4: The window will now ask if you are sure you want to connect. Click Connect.

Step 5: You will again be required to log in with your myNEU credentials. As you are using a personal computer, you will likely have to select “Use another account” in order to get to a screen where you can enter your myNEU username and password instead of your computer password.

NOTE: If the domain field is empty or is something other than “nunet”, you will have to type “nunet\” before your username. For example, a person with the username “doe.j” would type “nunet\doe.j”.

Step 6: Success! Your RemoteApp program should now open up on your computer.

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