HuskyCable Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my TV to HuskyCable?
As long as you are living in a Northeastern owned residence hall on campus, you can view HuskyCable television. Connect a coaxial cable to the port in the wall and into the back of your television. Then, run a channel scan from the menu of your television.

Where can I get a coaxial cable?
Coaxial cables can be found in electronics and computer stores. They are also available at the Northeastern Bookstore in Curry Student Center.

I have no sound, or my sound is not in English. What is wrong?
Most likely, this means you have SAP enabled – Secondary Audio Programming. This can be toggled somewhere in your TV’s menu screens, or via a button on your remote. For more information and specific instructions, consult your user’s manual.

Is HuskyCable compatible with TiVo?
You can use TiVo to manually record shows on HuskyCable, but you cannot use any of the automatic features. We are working to make the automatic recording features available on HuskyCable.

How do I connect my computer to HuskyCable?
HuskyCable television signals may be viewed on your computer screen by using a PC TV card. The PC TV card in your computer must have an input connection for cable TV. The performance and quality varies according to the equipment used.

Are all on-campus residences connected to HuskyCable?
All NU owned buildings have access to HuskyCable. Students living in residences that are not owned by the University may be eligible for a special offer from Comcast. Visit myNEU for more information about the Comcast affinity program.

Why am I only receiving one channel?
With many TVs, it is necessary to perform a channel scan in order to connect to the entire channel lineup. Typically, a channel scan can be activated by using the “menu” button on your remote. You also need to be sure that your TV is programmed to receive cable signals and not off-air signals. Follow your TV’s manual to change these settings.

Why am I only getting channels up to channel 13?
Most television sets have a setting to enable reception of either off-air antenna or Cable. On the campus television system, your television must be set to “Cable” (or “CATV,” “CATV – IRC”). Most televisions come with a default setting of “Off-Air” (or “Antenna”). You must change this default setting to enable reception of all cable channels. This setting can be changed either by moving a switch or by following menu prompts for setup. Check your TV’s manual to find out how to change these settings.

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