Backing Up Your Data

Below you will find a list of ways to back up your data, and the pros and cons of each.

External Hard Drive
  • Can hold backup copies of all of your music, pictures, and documents
  • Fairly small and can be moved from one computer to another
  • Expensive, costing between $50 to >$100
  • Can fail (like any other hard drive)

My Files
  • Can only hold a relatively small amount of data (1GB)
  • Plenty of room for all of your school documents
  • Data is backed up several times on Northeastern’s network.
  • Your files are accessible 24/7 via

Flash Drive
  • Can only hold a relatively small amount of data (1-32GB, generally).
  • Enough room for documents, some pictures, and some music
  • Very portable, but small size may make it easy to misplace
  • Better used for transferring files than for backing up data

Recordable CD/DVD
  • CD’s can hold 700MB, DVD’s can hold 4.7GB
  • Cheap enough to back documents up to, but most cannot be re-written once you have backed up once, so you need to buy more CDs/DVDs every time you need to back up.
  • CDs and DVDs can be unreliable over extended periods of time. They are easily damaged by scratches, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures.


Cloud Storage Device
  • Services like DropBox and Google Drive offer free limited space to store your data online.
  • DropBox offers 2GB of space free. However, DropBox presents several opportunities to increase the amount of space for free.
  • Google Drive when linked to your myNEU account will offer unlimited space; If linked with another gmail account, it will offer 15GB initially.
  • These services are convenient because they allow you to access your data from any machine connected to the internet.
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