Configuring HuskyMail on Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010
Step 1: Make sure you have changed your huskymail password. If you have not yet done this go here .
Step 2: In Outlook, click “Tools” and then “Account Settings.”

Step 3: Click “New…”

Step 4: Make sure that the box next to “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” is selected, and then hit “Next.”

Step 5: Check the circle next to “Internet E-mail” and hit “Next.”

Step 6: Enter in the appropriate information where requested. Under “Incoming mail server”, enter “” Under “Outgoing mail server”, enter “” For your user name, type in your full e-mail address, and for your password, enter in the new password that you previously changed (not your MyNEU password). Then click “More Settings.”

Step 7: Go to the Advanced tab. Under Incoming server, enter “993″, with the encryption connection as “SSL.” Under Outgoing server, enter “587″, with the encryption connection as “TLS.” Hit OK.

Step 8: Hit “Next.”

Step 9: Hit “Finish.” You should now be able to use Outlook with your Husky account.

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