Getting Cable/Internet in Leased or Off-Campus Housing

Step 1: Go to the MyNEU Portal and log in to the student portal.

Step 2: Click on the “Community” tab.

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Comcast Advantage Program for Students” heading. Click on the link labeled “Comcast Website” or click here

Please Note: You must first sign up for Comcast service, then after you receive your first bill you can submit a form for the student discount.

Step 4: You will be redirected to an information page. Click on the “Sign Up” link on this page.

Step 5: Enter the address of your living space in the form provided. Depending on your location, different packages will be available.

Step 6: If you just want cable, click on the “Better TV” tab. If you want just internet click on the “Faster Internet” tab.

Step 7: If you want TV and Internet or TV and Phone, click on the “Bundles” tab and then the appropriate “Double Play” subcategory.

Step 8: If you want Cable, Internet and Phone, click on “Triple Play” underneath the “Bundles” tab.

Step 9: As a Northeastern student you are eligible for a Comcast discount once per academic year. The discounts are listed on the Comcast website and in the image to the left. Please note, these credits are only attainable after you have received your first bill.

Step 10: To obtain this discount, go back to the “Community” tab on the MyNEU portal and click on the “Comcast Advantage Program for Students” link.

Step 11: Fill out the provided form with the information given to you by Comcast. Be sure to enter your HuskyMail address as your e-mail address.

Step 12: Your credit should be on your next bill. If you have any difficulties please contact Comcast directly or look at the FAQ.

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