Graduate Assistant Testimonials

"I would not be where I am today without the experiences and skills I gained while working in Residential Life at Northeastern. I had no background in reslife and did not have any plans on continuing in that functional area, but throughout my time working there, I learned so much. Not only was I able to tackle projects and be integral in the training and selection of staff members, but I also had the opportunity to hone my skills in the areas where I had the most interest. In my second year, I had the opportunity of being the chair of the Graduate Assistant Growth Experience which allowed me to help the new GAs find their place at NU. I also loved being on a large staff. This allowed me to have many mentors and connect with amazing colleagues who would later become some of my best friends. Personally and professionally, Northeastern was the perfect fit." –Alisha Cahue, CSDC 2012 

“I clearly remember my first day on Northeastern’s campus, looking at this massive campus in a new city and wondering what I had gotten myself into—and now almost six years later I can safely say my graduate experience was one of the most transformative and valuable undertakings of my life. Having limited student affairs experience (and none in res. life) I chose this GA position because I was told this was the best way to experience the diversity of student affairs. It was very true, as each semester within the Department of Residential Life I was afforded new and diverse opportunities to grow as a young professional. I greatly enjoyed the fast-pasted work environment and that I was always encouraged to become more involved with things on campus that I was passionate about. I’m very thankful for the experiences that I received as a GA—it certainly opened the door to my current position!”—Johanna Martin-Prener, CSDC 2008

"As an undergraduate at Northeastern, I worked in the Department of Residential Life as a Resident Assistant. When I decided to pursue Student Affairs as a field, joining the Residential Life team again and the Graduate Assistant Growth Experience was my number one choice. Being able to both learn Residential Life from the professional staff perspective and be able to specialize in Student Conduct made the position an ideal fit for me. From day one I was treated like a professional amongst the full-time Residential Life staff, and had awesome opportunities afforded to me including working as part of the Resident Assistant Selection Team, as well as working to improve our student conduct processes in Residential Life. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who thinks that they may be interested in Residential Life as a possible professional career!" —Jonathan Bragg, CSDC 2011