Housing Services/Ops Staff

If you have a question or concern about your housing assignment, please contact our main office at 617-373-2814 or housing@neu.edu. Your concern will be directed to the appropriate party. If you have a question about a residence hall related issue, please contact your designated Residence Director or Housing & Residential Life at 617-373-2814 and your concern will also be directed appropriately.

Senior Director of Operations - Student Affairs
Dr. Chong Sun Kim-Wong - ch.kim@neu.edu

Director of Housing Services
Matthew Austin - m.austin@neu.edu 

Senior Assignment/Billing Coordinator
Luciana Jean-Mary - l.jean-mary@neu.edu

Assignment/Billing Coordinator
Sheryl Bunnell – s.bunnell@neu.edu

Customer Service Manager
Robin DeVingo - r.devingo@neu.edu 

Customer Service Representative
Dolores Hamilton - d.hamilton@neu.edu 

Customer Service Representative
Chelsea Turner - c.turner@neu.edu 

Housing Services Co-op
Brian Tse - b.tse@neu.edu 

Housing Services Assistants
Shannon Walker & Chrismelin Jimenez