Upperclass Honors

As an Honors student, you may choose to live in the Honors LLC as an upperclassman. The Honors LLC offers students in this demanding program the chance to learn, grow, and be challenged by each other in a supportive environment. Students will be encouraged to explore their educational passions through diverse and interdisciplinary in-hall programming, and routine faculty involvement.




Community Events Include:

  • Boston Symphony Trip to see Yo Yo Ma Performance
  • Museam of Science Trip
  • China Town Cultural Dinner with Professors
  • Dialogue of Civilazation Discussions
  • Faculty Dinners
  • Author Talks
  • Honors Events



Residence Directors: Patrick Lesswing, p.lesswing@neu.edu

Living Learning Communities: llc@neu.edu 


Important Links:

Honors Program

Honors Resources

Center for Student Academic Services

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