Creative Expressions

If you have a passion for art, in its many mediums, consider joining the Creative Expressions LLC. This community affords students the opportunity to explore the many forms of creative expression and how these artistic methods can be conveyed. Whether this is your future career path, deepest passion, or budding hobby, join us on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. Find your niche in one of our Creative Expressions families:

  • From Novel to Big ScreenInterested in how a classic novel is turned into a box office hit? Novel to Big Screen looks to unite students who share interest in reading, writing, media, and production to create an all-encompassing environment where students can learn what happens behind the scenes. Programming will include film screen, discussions with faculty, and production anaylsis. Living in this community, you will gain a deeper appreciation for media arts, and will have the opportunity to recognize career paths that fit your passion for literature and cinema.  
  • Musical Motifs : If your soul has a rhythm you just can't turn off consider the Muscial Motifs community. Whether you play an instrument, compose music, sing, or simply enjoy listening, you will find your place in this track. Musical Motifs seeks to connect your passion for music with industry skills to create a complete, melodious ensemble. You will be encouraged to express yourself musically and have the opportunity to attend musical events the Boston area has to offer.




"The Creative Expressions LLC has really connected me to people I share something in common with, and it has helped me to adjust to college life." -Sarah Brown, 2016

  Community Events Include:

  • Open Mic Nights
  • Acting Lessons
  • MFA Scavenger Hunt
  • Poetry Slams
  • PAX Boston
  • Art Displays