Graduate & Law On-Campus Housing

Leased Properties

Northeastern leases spaces for its students in a number of privately-held properties that are convenient to campus.  Graduate and Law student housing is assigned in our Leased Properties.  The Leased Properties are located in the Fenway neighborhood and along Huntington Avenue. Our Leased Properties management program makes it easier for you to feel part of our residential community.  The full-time staff liaison between your building and The Department of Housing & Residential Life, is the Residence Director (RD). The contact information is as follows: 617.373.2814 (voice), 617.373.4019 (TTY), 617.373.8794 (fax) or

In some of the leased buildings, you will be living across the hall from Northeastern students and students from other colleges as well as many people who work in the Greater Boston Area with their families.  We ask you to be courteous and respect your neighbors' right to privacy and reasonable enjoyment of their homes.  If you have concerns about a community member who is not a Northeastern student, please discuss the situation with the Residence Director.

Graduate housing is located at 309-315 and 331 Huntington Avenue. Law housing is located at 335 Huntington Avenue and 768 Columbus Avenue.

Residential Life Building Contact Information

Types of Apartments
The following apartment descriptions and rates help illustrate what housing options are available. All Northeastern apartments include utilities, except internet, telephone, and cable services.

Room options and rates for the 2015-2016 school terms:

2015-2016 Graduate/Law Rate Chart (.pdf) 

Graduate Apartment Options:

Studio Apartment: $6480 per term - A single studio apartment with a kitchenette and bathroom.

Economy single bedroom: $4860 per term - A single bedroom in a shared apartment with a kitchen and bathroom and no common living area.

Enhanced single bedroom with no living room: $5375 per term - A single bedroom in a shared, new, or renovated apartment with a kitchen and bathroom but no common living area.

Law Apartment Options:

Studio Apartment: $4860 per quarter - A single studio apartment with a kitchenette and bathroom. Very limited, located in 335 Huntington Ave

Economy single bedroom: $3400 per quarter - A single bedroom in a shared apartment with a kitchen and bathroom and no common living area. Located in 335 Huntington Ave, in either doubles or triples.

Enhanced single bedroom with no living room: $4030 per quarter - A single bedroom in a shared, renovated apartment with a kitchen and bathroom but no common living area. Located in 768 Columbus Ave, all triple apartments. 


General Information

  • Security
    There are no proctors or card-activated entry access points in leased properties. Security is maintained via key access to apartment buildings and the individual apartment.
  • Subleasing
    Students are prohibited from subleasing any housing space owned or sponsored by the University. Students found guilty of entering into these sorts of arrangements face immediate judicial action and suspension of housing privileges at Northeastern University. Anyone found unlawfully residing in a university-owned or -sponsored facility is guilty of trespassing and subject to immediate eviction.
  • Telephones
    All apartments include a phone line serviced by Verizon. Building owners/managers have different policies in each building concerning the way in which additional phone lines may be added. If you wish to add telephone lines, this will be at your own expense.
  • Furnishings, Communications and Services
    Each leased apartment is furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and chair for each resident plus a kitchen table and chairs.  Kitchens have a stove and a refrigerator provided.
  • Cable TV
    768 Huntington is the only building that has internet and cable provided (Law Students Only).
    If you are a resident in one of Northeastern’s leased properties, you do not have access to Northeastern’s HuskyCable or Resnet program in your apartment.  However, the University has arranged for an option to be offered from Comcast, should you choose Comcast as your Internet and CableTV service provider.  The Comcast Advantage Program for Students (CAPS) has been setup to provide Northeastern students with annual credits, based upon the services you have subscribed to.  Please contact 1-800-934-6489 to sign up.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  You will also be given a $100 credit on your student account in the sixth week of the term to assist you with cost related to cable TV and internet.
  • Internet 
    Each apartment has an internet connection hook-up ready.  To activate these service,  there will be an additonal cost to you.   
  • Facility Amenities
    Most leased properties have laundry facilities located in their basements, where you will also usually find trash receptacles. In addition, if something needs repair or you have concerns about the facility, you can complete a Work Request Form on-line at
  • Lock-outs and Lost Keys
    Students are responsible for carrying their apartment keys at all times. If you are locked out or have lost your keys, please contact your Hall staff on duty.  Students who experience repeated lockouts are assessed a fee.  
  • Mail Services
    The United Postal Service (USPS) delivers mail to locked mailboxes at all leased properties. The service is similar to what you would receive if you were living off campus. Please make sure your name appears clearly on your mailbox or you will not receive mail. Mail to students living in a leased property is delivered by USPS, however, Resmail provides students a service for PACKAGE/PARCEL DELIVERY ONLY. If you are having packages delivered and wish to pick them up at Remail in Speare Commons instead of having them delivered to your leased property apartment, you will receive a mailing address prior to move-in that can be used for package/parcel shipments only.
  • Parking
    General inquiries may be made to the Cashier's/Parking Office, 617-373-7010 (voice) or email  Handicapped Parking (HP) is available campus-wide for students with various disabilities.
  • Pets
    For health and humane reasons, pets other than fish and Seeing EyeTM or service animals are not allowed in any housing facility owned or leased by the University. Fish may be maintained in student rooms in containers with a maximum volume equal to or less than 25 gallons. 

Residence Hall Accessibility
To make living on campus an option for law and law students who have disabilities, who are Deaf/hard of hearing, or have chronic medical conditions, we have incorporated features in three apartment buildings. Please note that although these buildings accommodate Law, Graduate, and Undergraduate students (sophomore through seniors), your individual apartment will not include roommates who are undergraduate students.