Sloan Foundation

This project, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and underway since the Summer of 2013, brings together urban planners, emergency managers, and academic experts from major coastal cities around the United States, in four primary areas of concentration including, health, energy, transportation, and economic incentives, to meet with their Metro-New York counterparts to accomplish two primary goals:

  1. Supporting the rapid and sustained recovery of the Metro-New York City region while bolstering its resilience.
  2. Helping to ensure that Superstorm Sandy is a national “teachable” moment. The project is pursuing these goals through four workshops on health, energy, transportation, and economic incentives. The project report will help inform the best use of the $60 billion in post-Sandy federal emergency assistance by facilitating the timely inclusion of best practices for enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure in the metro-New York region as well as identifying and advancing economic incentives that can sustain investments in resilience.
Photo via Flickr: lazer cam