Learning to Live with Terrorism

By: Uri Friedman  “In his investigation for The Atlantic into whether America is safer now than it was before the 9/11 attacks, Steven Brill rejects the ‘fantasy’ that the threat of terrorism can be eliminated. And he credits the Obama administration … Continued

Is Amtrak vulnerable to a terrorist attack?

CRS Executive Director Sean Burke recently sat down with WCVB Boston to discuss the threat of a terrorist attack on our rail system.  During the conversation, Burke noted, “The passenger rail system is designed to be open,” adding, “It’s specifically … Continued

Northeastern experts analyze recent terror attacks abroad

“An inter­dis­ci­pli­nary group of five Northeastern fac­ulty experts reacted to and analyzed last week’s terror attacks in Beirut and Paris at a panel dis­cus­sion Tuesday night. More than 100 people, including many stu­dents, packed a standing-​​room-​​only suite in the Renais­sance Park building for … Continued

Katrina at 10: Reflections on a Human-Made Disaster

“The flooding of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina was a human-made disaster, not a natural one. The flood-protection system for the city had been poorly designed and maintained. It also turned out that a series of waterway engineering decisions to … Continued

How Communities can prep for ‘the big one’

“When it comes to nat­ural dis­as­ters, no place in the United States is com­pletely safe, according to North­eastern Univer­sity pro­fessor and com­mu­nity resilience expert Stephen Flynn. Whether it’s an earth­quake or a storm, cat­a­strophe is inevitable. One region where earth­quake … Continued