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Applicable Awards for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Policy

Applications for funding under the identified programs that do not include a plan for RCR instruction are considered incomplete. Statements within these components that are particularly noteworthy include, "A plan that employs only online coursework for instruction in responsible conduct of research will not be considered acceptable, except in special instances of short-term training programs, or unusual and well-justified circumstances." and, "Instruction must be undertaken at least once during each career stage, and at a frequency of no less than once every four years."

Description of the programs specifically impacted by the NIH RCR training policy revisions include:

In addition to the programs identified above, this policy also applies to any other NIH-funded programs supporting career development, research training, or research education that require instruction in responsible conduct of research as stated in the applicable funding opportunity announcements. Investigators should contact the Research Compliance for assistance with identifying if the program requires inclusion of a plan for RCR instruction.