Below is some basic information you will need to get you started on this exciting endeavor.

1)      First, are you eligible to be a Principal Investigator?

2)      Choose a funding opportunity

  • Where do you want to apply?  Do you have an agency in mind or do you need to find an opportunity?
  •  RAF's funding opportunity page lists various search engines that can assist you.

3)      Once you have your opportunity in hand, get familiar with the proposal requirements.

  • Read the directions, most proposals are rejected simply because the directions were not followed correctly!
  • Is it being submitted electronically?  Make sure you download any application forms (ie: kits) and fill them out in anticipation of submitting to our office (by emailing them to your grant officer)
  • Need help filling out those pesky forms?  Check out our fact sheet: NU Fact Sheet
  • Need help with your budget?  Click here

4)      Use our Proposal Submission software COEUS!

5)      Submit your completed proposal in COEUS for approval; Keep in mind the approvel proposal must be received by ORAF no later than 5 business days before the sponsor’s deadline

  1. This allows us to review your proposal and make sure you haven’t missed anything and that your submission will receive the complete sponsor review that it deserves.