Below is some basic information you will need to get you started on this exciting endeavor.

1)      First, are you eligible to be a Principal Investigator?

2)      Choose a funding opportunity

  • Where do you want to apply?  Do you have an agency in mind or do you need to find an opportunity?
  •  ORAF's funding opportunity page lists various search engines that can assist you.

3)      Once you have your opportunity in hand, get familiar with the proposal requirements.

  • Read the directions, most proposals are rejected simply because the directions were not followed correctly!
  • Is it being submitted electronically?  Make sure you download any application forms (ie: kits) and fill them out in anticipation of submitting to our office (by emailing them to your grant officer)

4)     With our Flexible e-Submission approach, proposal preparation is based on the users preferred method.  Visit our Proposal Prep webpage for more details on submitting your application.