Last modified: Nov 7, 2018

What tools are in place to help me manage my budget?

Self Service Banner (SSB) and Banner e-print reports are the tools in place to help you manage your research budget. Information on interpreting both SSB and e-prints can be found on the Banner Finance Help page via your MyNEU Services and Links tab.

How do I get Banner Access?

In some cases, you may already have access based on your position and role within your department. In the event you that you do not have access to Banner Finance, you can request access through the Budget Office. The instructions and forms to request Banner Finance access can be found Here.

What is the Budget Statement Inception to Date e-print report and how do I interpret it?

The Budget Statement-Inception to Date E-print report (FZRB090) is an ad hoc report that is run monthly and can be accessed through Banner e-print reports. This report contains information such as total budget, expenses, and available balance from the start of your award through the month selected.