Last modified: Feb 22, 2019

Internal Deadlines:   Institutional Review, Approval and Submission of Proposals

NU-RES Administration is the University’s Authorized Representative for grants, contracts and agreements related to research and sponsored projects; the NU-RES Administration team serves as an institutional hub and coordinates the administration of proposals and awards.

NU-RES Administration grant officers review all proposals for compliance with the funding agency’s rules and regulations as well as Northeastern’s policies.   We recognize that Investigators must manage competing demands on their time and often need to revise their research plan and proposal close to the agency’s deadline.  We are committed to the successful submission of all  applications.

Streamline Review via ePAWS:

3 business days prior to the funding agency’s deadline please provide the abstract, budget and budget justification.

Noon the day prior to the agency deadline the final, complete application (e-submission via agency’s system or .pdf in ePAWS).

NU-RES Administration will guarantee an error-free submission if we receive the final, complete application for review 5 days prior to the agency’s deadline.

For applications received less than 5 days before the deadline, Investigators assume the risk that their grant applications may not be successfully submitted by the funding agency’s deadline, may be rejected by the agency because of technical deficiencies, and are also subject to administrative withdrawal by NU-RES Administration if upon full institutional review, there are commitments that cannot be met or issues that cannot be resolved.

Please be sure to notify your grants officer as soon as you know that you’ll be responding to an FOA/RFP.