Last modified: Jan 18, 2019

Northeastern University Research Enterprise Services (NU-RES)

The research administration, research compliance and research finance offices have successfully begun the implementation of their reorganization plan, which will ultimately align, coordinate and integrate their various regulatory and project management functions. Aligning functional areas of responsibility will provide better support for faculty and will enhance the team’s ability to better support the University’s diverse, expanding research portfolio.Cross-functional organizational alignment is designed to improve the quality of research support services, enhance communication with faculty and college administrators; allowing an easier achievement of the universities collective research goals.

To reflect the newly integrated team’s commitment to supporting the University’s faculty and research portfolio, the name of the group has been changed to:


Building a unified team will transform how we support research. The team’s combined talent not only optimizes existing resources but allows for the expansion of our capabilities to embrace emerging opportunities.

Our mission is to enable and promote research excellence bey serving our faculty, administrators and funding partners with intergrity, professionalism, kindness, and respect.

For regular updates about NU-RES initiatives, training opportunities, system improvements, or to provide your comments and feedback, visit NU-RES.  Questions can be directed to