Last modified: Oct 19, 2011
P - Primary S - Secondary C - Co responsible

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

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Name PI Admin College RAF

Proposal Preparation & Pre-Award

Funding identification P   S
Review of sponsor guidelines/RFP P C C
Provide expert guidance on funding opportunities     P
Proposal development P S  
Budget & justification development P S R
Contract & Grant final review C C P
University sign-off     P
Provide institutional review for NU policy , compliance, correctness per agency guidelines & applicable law C C P
Interpret NU or agency policies and regulations     P
Negotiate and accepting terms and conditions of award     P
Collects PI's & Dean's signatures P S  
Copies & collating of proposals C C  
Identify special needs (ie space) P S  
Receive award notice     P
Set up Award/Account     P
Execute sub awards     P
Sub recipient monitoring C C P
Travel approval C C P

Grant Administration

Projecting spending plan S P  
Banner balance lookup   P  
Course release costs   P  
Monitoring account balances/spending P S  
Forecasting/projections P S  
Account analysis S P  
Liaison with sponsor     P
NCE request P C C
Approving expenditures (excl travel) P S  
Cost Transfers C P  
Approval cost transfer     P
Monitor & track effort reporting P C C
Reconcile accounts S P  
Initiate journal vouchers S P  

Post Award and Billing

Approve journal vouchers     P
Develop/negotiate F&A rate     P
Processing salaries S P  
Identify program income P S  
Approving summer salaries     P
Monitor and resolve deficits P C C
Reporting final invention statement P C C
Reporting financial reports to sponsor     P
Reporting technical report to sponsor P S  
Cancel PO on grants S P  
Closeout C C C
Responsible for compliance P C C