Last modified: Jan 7, 2019

If submitting an NSF or NIH proposal, register with NIH Commons or NSF FastLane, as applicable. To register contact Doris Suazo-Smith.

The legacy PDF application package will be retired on December 31, 2017, this method is being replaced with Workspace.

    • Download Adobe Reader software at: Adobe homepage. You can also go to the download page to get the Adobe Reader, or to check if the version of Reader you already have is compatible with
    • Find application package at
    • Download application to hard drive using SAVE button on first page of application package.
    • Print and read application instructions found on web site and at agency’s web site. Application Filing Name is last name of PI and short title of proposal. All yellow fields must be filled out. All other fields must be filled out as indicated in the funding opportunity announcement and in the agency’s proposal guidelines. All attachments are in PDF format. Use Adobe Acrobat 8.0 or 9.0.


The Legacy PDF application package will be retired on December 31, 2017. Workspace is now the standard application method; forms can either be completed within a web browser or downloaded individually and uploaded to Workspace.

SF 424 R&R form:

Complete this form first - it populates other forms

  • Field 5:

    Organizational DUNS no. 001423631
    Applicant Information: Northeastern University
    Department: leave blank
    Division: Research Administration and Finance
    Street1: 360 Huntington Avenue, 490RP
    Street2: leave blank
    City: Boston
    County: Suffolk
    State: MA
    ZIP/Postal Code: 02115-5005
    Contact person: Dana Carroll
    Phone Number: 617-373-5600
    Fax Number: 617-373-4595
    EIN number: 1041679980A1 for NIH   all others: 041679980
  • Field 12: N/A for NIH proposals
  • Field 14:Congressional District for Northeastern University: MA-007
  • Field 15:
    PI information with department address. For NIH proposals this information should match your PI profile in Commons.
  • Field 19:
    Authorized Representative: Dana Carroll, Associate Vice Provost for Research. Use as the email address.
  • Field 21:
    Additional list of Congressional Districts if needed.

R&R Senior/Key Person Profile form:

NIH proposals require the PI's Commons User Name in the Credential field.

R&R Budget form:

You must completely fill in first budget period before you can add information to the next period.

Budget Justification must be attached in Year 1 in order to move to next year. It only needs to be uploaded once – you can edit it after the budget is complete. Example

Northeastern University equipment cap is equal to or greater than $5,000.

Use the current information on indirect cost rates and fringe benefit rates available in the FY19 Rate agreement.

Section H. - Cognizant Federal Agency is DHHS, Michael Stanco, (212) 264-2069.


Move completed forms to the right and save prior to submission.

Upload a copy of completed SF424 form into the COEUS proposal as an "Other Institutional Attachment."

Contact your Grant Officer with questions.