Last modified: Nov 18, 2015

Institutions that apply for or receive Public Health Service (PHS) funding must adhere to Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) regulations.  The regulations were revised in August 2011, with the requirement that PHS funded researchers adhere to the new regulations beginning August 24, 2012.

The main changes to the previous FCOI regulations are focused on:

  • Mandatory FCOI training for all investigators
  • Realtime disclosure of FCOI and sponsored travel
  • Transparency of any travel reimbursement or sponsored travel (excluding Federal/State)
  • Significant Financial Interest (SFI) threshold reduced to $5000 and now includes any equity in non-publically traded entities
  • Public Accessibility of FCOI disclosures (website or email) for all senior or key personnel


Use the links on this page to learn about the new regulations, complete training, and become familiar with other Investigator responsibilities .

For questions regarding the new regulations and implementation thereof, contact Lawrence Barnett at