Last modified: Oct 31, 2018

E-Submission options:

NOTE: When using ASSIST, Workspace, NSF Fastlane (, Proposal Central, or paper applications to submit a proposal to the sponsor, ePaws or Coeus must be used in tandem for approval routing and institutional data collection.

With Questions: contact your NU-RES Grant Officer, contact RDOST, or email for NU-RES application support assistance


ASSIST / eRA Commons



ASSIST: Electronic system used to prepare and submit grant applications to NIH and other Public Health Service agencies.



COEUS: Full electronic proposal development, approval routing, and institutional data collection; can be used for system-to-system electronic submission of the proposal to



ePAWS: Simplified electronic proposal development, approval routing, and institutional data collection. Workspace

GrantsGovIMG Electronic system used for single access proposal submission to 26 Federal grant-making agencies; submit electronically with Workspace.

NSF Fastlane


NSF Fastlane: Web-based system used for electronic proposal submission to the National Science Foundation.

Proposal Central

Proposal Central

Proposal Central: An e-grantmaking website shared by many government, non-profit, and private grant-making organizations.