Last modified: Nov 8, 2018

The “Roles and Responsibilities Matrix” is provided to help define the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the identification, assembly, and submission of sponsored project proposals through the close of the awards. As further areas are addressed, the tasks and resources will be expanded.

P - Primary S - Secondary C - Co responsible

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix (download PDF chart)

Name PI Admin College RAF

Proposal Preparation & Pre-Award

Funding identification P S
Review of sponsor guidelines/RFP P C C
Provide expert guidance on funding opportunities P
Proposal development P S
Budget & justification development P S R
Contract & Grant final review C C P
University sign-off P
Provide institutional review for NU policy , compliance, correctness per agency guidelines & applicable law C C P
Interpret NU or agency policies and regulations P
Negotiate and accepting terms and conditions of award P
Collects PI's & Dean's signatures P S
Copies & collating of proposals C C
Identify special needs (ie space) P S
Receive award notice P
Set up Award/Account P
Execute sub awards P
Sub recipient monitoring C C P
Travel approval C C P

Grant Administration

Projecting spending plan S P
Banner balance lookup P
Course release costs P
Monitoring account balances/spending P S
Forecasting/projections P S
Account analysis S P
Liaison with sponsor P
NCE request P C C
Approving expenditures (excl travel) P S
Cost Transfers C P
Approval cost transfer P
Monitor & track effort reporting P C C
Reconcile accounts S P
Initiate journal vouchers S P

Post Award and Billing

Approve journal vouchers P
Develop/negotiate F&A rate P
Processing salaries S P
Identify program income P S
Approving summer salaries P
Monitor and resolve deficits P C C
Reporting final invention statement P C C
Reporting financial reports to sponsor P
Reporting technical report to sponsor P S
Cancel PO on grants S P
Closeout C C C
Responsible for compliance P C C